Noblesse M was created and published by “Liveplex Co., Ltd” company and it is available on the Android and IOS Stores.

We are recommending this game for the lovers of the turn based games and of course if you have been waiting for the English version of the game, then it would be up to your expectations without a doubt. And to enhance your playing experience, you can use the Noblesse M cheats service and worry no more about any purchase process in the game.

Welcome to Noblesse M!

Begin your journey of Noblesse M by inserting a nickname for your character. It can be entered in 3-8 letters and special characters cannot be used. And you must have an internet connection to be able to play the game. Otherwise you would receive an error message from the system.

And now the time has come to go through the storyline of the game: noblesse, the ones who protects weak and punishes evil with great powers. The final remaining noblesse begins to confront evil that tries to take over the human world.

That was briefly the moral of the game story and what you are going to fight for in the game. Of course our Noblesse M guide will contain much more information related to the gameplay in depth, so just scroll down and do not skip anything!

General Instructions for Beginners.

Remember that the shadow dungeons will remain open for certain period of time, and you can enter with your friends. But once the certain period is over, the gate will disappear and there will be no chance for you or your friends to reenter it.

The gameplay begins right away with a battle, and we actually prefer such a type of games as it introduces you to the gameplay to teach you the main basics of it.

Following our Noblesse M tips at the battles would ensure you a success and long survivability without a doubt. So keep that in mind.



Battle Mechanism.

The two sides will be standing in the face of each other, and the health bars are shown right above everyone. But you must be aware of one of the main components of the battle system, which is the gauge.

Increasing your winning chances or granting yourself an advantage with the Noblesse M hack is the most reliable method we know so far.

You gain a turn when the attack gauge is full and you can attack enemy or use some special skills on them. Once you see a targeted mark on the enemy heads, then you should track the color of the mark as it will be changing depending on the dynasty of the enemy and your element.

If you have the advantage, the mark becomes green. Same element is yellow which means the same fighting conditions are met on both sides, but if you are at disadvantage then the mark will be colored in red.

How to Survive in Combats?

Avoiding The Enemies in the red color is something very important, as this will cause you to bleed a lot and lose many opportunities. Maybe you can make the entire battle in green color by using the Noblesse M cheats carefully.

Your battle will be more effective on element advantage. So select a skill and touch the enemy to activate it right away.

Expand Your Team and Unlock New Features.

You must remember that skill accuracy and damages are different depending on the element. Keep using your skills again to defeat the others. Yes, they will go into the cool down state but that is for a very short period.

Expand the team you are fighting with by putting your hands over the Noblesse M hack service. It will offer you many chances to upgrade them and purchase new gears to enhance the strength overall.

Winning battles will also work on helping your team mates to advance in the level and become stronger, and of course the rewards are playing a vital role in this department!

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