Nom Plant was created and published by “Lucky Kat Studios” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

It is a very simple and smart game, it has no complications. It can work offline on your device, and it can be played at anywhere and anytime.

Your main goal is to grow your plant as high as possible and dodge the obstacles by changing your growth direction. You can use Nom Plant cheats to remove the ads and smoothing up the gameplay experience.

Get Started

At the start of our Nom Plant review, we would love to explain the basics of the gameplay to our readers. So if you are already a veteran at this game, then we would recommend you to skip the first segments and head directly to the Nom Plant cheats or scroll down for more advanced tips.

  • Note: you can play the game offline, that is a very strong point but the internet has its privileges as well.

Playing the game is very simple, yet it is a very difficult and will require a lot of work and training. Your mission is to control the plant and swipe on the different directions to watch it grow and eat coins and boosters.

Moving from right to left in order to dodge the obstacles and grow as much as possible, meanwhile you should be eating all the goods on your way to the top and end of the stage. This is basically the gameplay instructions and you have to master this art in order to achieve great results.

  • On the next segment, we will be talking more about the detailed information and provide our readers with the right tips you have to be aware of in order to reach the highest scores possible.

How To Play?

Completing missions will reward you with very decent rewards, the Nom Plant cheats will still work alongside the regular rewarding system in the game.

So, let’s inform you exactly in steps on how to play the game.

  • Swipe from left to right to change directions
  • Hold your finger on the screen while changing directions
  • Release your finger to change the location of pot
  • Once you change the location of the pot, your score streak will be resetted
  • Try to collect bonus points as much as possible on your way up
  • Use Nom Plant Hack to help you with achieving great streaks

The previous steps were created by our team to help you on achieving the best results in the game. Following them will guarantee you the basic success, if you want to go further, then the following instructions should help you in this regard.

Remember, you can always buy a new pot, but that will has its impacts on your gameplay later on. Do not forget to get extra coins after each stage by watching a quick AD. The Nom Plant Hack will keep you at bay from watching ads and wasting your time.

This was the first feature of the game, you can only enjoy with the internet connection.



General Tips For Advanced Players

On your way to the top, you will find a magic bean and it can be planted. The new plants will come with their own names. Remember, you can always use Nom Plant Hack to get instant access to the locked seeds.

  • You have to watch out for the roots of your plant. You are climbing all the way up, but the obstacles are not static, they will move and try to take you down.

It is advised to watch out for your rout to the top. Finding the right stop for the pot is not an easy task, but as you play the game for longer time and get the right experience, you will know automatically when and where to place your pot.

  • This is not a very peaceful game, there will be monsters from one point to another. Overcome these monsters by dropping the pot over them and get the extra coins as a reward for this job.

Whenever you die, there will be a prompting request to continue from the last point you died at, by spending a certain amount of coins, which will increase as you progress further. The second option is to watch an Ad and substitute it with the coins.

We are recommending the Nom Plant Hack to cover up the cost of continuing from the last point. We do believe that the game will become much easier and smoother!

Say Goodbye To ADS With Nom Plant Cheats!

The ADS will keep on interrupting you, as they will not stop popping up and will keep on increasing and spamming your screen as you advance forward. You can remove the ads by following one of the following two methods:

  • Purchase AD remover using your VISA
  • Use Nom Plant Cheats to remove the ads entirely!

There is no third option to remove those ads, and we are recommending the second choice as the main solution.

  • If you are enjoying the game, then feel free to pay a visit to the store and give it a decent rating. This will help the developers and improve the quality of the game. The same can be said about your complaints.

Remember, you will get coins for each try. You do not have to complete the entire stage to get a reward. The Nom Plant cheats will boost up your balance of coins, but that does not mean to entirely relay on it and give up on the actual gameplay.

Final Verdict

Enter the settings menu to customize your experience as you desire. Here is a list with the things, you can change in the settings menu:

  • Mute or unmute game sounds
  • Mute or unmute game music
  • Enable or disable the game haptics
  • Restore purchases if you have made some
  • Forget about restoring purchases feature and use Nom Plant Hack

Keep in mind: the game is coming in English language, so if you are not comfortable with the English language, you might face some troubles. The Nom Plant Hack has nothing to do with this part, but since you have reached this point in our review, then you should be Ok.

  • You must focus on getting a decent bonus reward at the end of the stage, this can be achieved by doing a decent streak and decreasing the pot drop at different stations.

As you advance forward, you can see Blue holed floating obstacles. Try to land right into the center, it will reward you with coins and it will show a pop up message “Perfect Landing” on the top of screen.

There are several features can be unlocked by watching the selected ADS. It is a very important feature and can work as an alternative to many parts.

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