Not a Brain Buster is an amusement that difficulties your psyche and speed. You basically to the heading that you would need your character to move like up, down, left and right. The trap here however is that the guidelines can be somewhat befuddling and you have a period restrict. Attempt to beat the greatest number of levels as you can with the assistance of our Not a Brain Buster hacks, tricks, tips and guide.


Not a Brain Buster tests your psyche but rather the thing that you have to do dependably is to focus on the directions on where you ought to swipe. You would be fortunate in case you’re recently offered headings to swipe to the course or where the shading may be. However in situations where they utilize the Not or Not words, you simply need to comprehend it. Not essentially implies anyplace but rather that headings. Not implies that bearing. It can befuddle however simply focus and you’ll be fine.

You do require speed

Focusing is great yet when circumstances dictate some drastic action you should be quick also. In a few focuses the amusement instructs you to go quicker and as far as possible per swipe goes down which is irritating however a little practice and speed can help you with that.

Begin with the simple levels

There are simple levels where you ought to begin with. When you finish them, you have an opportunity to open the medium and hard ones. Since sounds great and enticing however it is perfect to simply adhere to the less demanding levels before going for the harder ones. Consider them preparing for something better. In case you’re sure with your aptitudes then by all methods go for the harder levels as it were.



A heart for a proceed

In a portion of the levels you get the chance to play for a considerable measure of rounds. Gives say access one level you get the chance to play just 10 adjusts yet in the later levels you do upwards of 50. Presently don’t stress as you have hearts that enable you to proceed in the event that you fall flat a level. The thing to recall is that you ought to utilize the proceed when you’ve advance far. On the off chance that you just flopped after 6 balances or even 10 of 50 then simply backpedal to the begin to save money on hearts.

Every day rewards and perpetual mode

You can login for every day remunerates yet the trap here is that the prizes revive following 12 hours. Essentially you can get two prizes for every day on the off chance that you time it right. In case you’re feeling great with your aptitudes then it is best to hit the perpetual mode for more rewards and others expecting you get far.

Simply be quiet

Not a Brain Buster is in reality a precarious diversion and can baffle on occasion. Simply stay cool and be persistent. Rather than getting furious at the amusement, unwind and complete the levels with a quiet personality or simply hit it up later.


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