★Revolutionary Mobile Game! Shrewd Control!

Control the felines to assault and defend~!

Wreck the adversaries with basic control!

★Magician’s leading aptitudes! 21st century’s new Maestro!

Use different leading aptitudes to become more grounded together!

Appreciate the basic yet ostentatious directing abilities!

★The Butler’s errands proceed even in portable!

Vital to deal with felines in fight as well as constantly!

Step up the felines by sustaining them angles found in Fishing Ground!

★Diverse Cat sorts and aptitudes

Meet more than 100 assorted sorts of felines!

★Diverse Contents for quite a long time of gameplay!

I’ll be the No.1 Cat! Field!



Needing extraordinary prizes? How about we set out on an Expedition!

Catch Moles for Musical Notes! Catch Mice for Gold!

Felines cherish high places! Antiquated Tower!

[Ocatstra requires the accompanying permissions]

1. Photographs, Media, File Access, Taking Pictures, Recording Videos, Recording Audio

These are altogether required consents for extra information download through NaverCafe SDK all inside the diversion to record amusement screen.

2. Telephone Call consents.

This consent is required to quiet or play the sound amid calls.

3. Contacts Access

This is utilized to affirm the record if through Google Login.

#Notice: If authorizations are not in all actuality, the amusement can not be prepared.

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