The game events are taking place in the 15thcentury, it is totally based on the sailing adventures, and the challenge is hard due to its MMORPG type.

Reading our review below will help you to have a complete knowledge over the main basics of the game and understand how to progress forward with a steady move. The Ocean Legend cheats will also unlock the full set of features inside free.

Ocean Legend was created and published by “OASIS GAMES LIMITED” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms freely.

The game is highly rated in terms of the visuals and graphics quality, we are suggesting you to have a high-end device to run it smoothly without any troubles. Adding the Ocean Legend hack into the gameplay exercise will manage to enrich it and take it into a completely new level.

Quick Intro.

We will skip the main story introduction, head directly towards the gameplay contents, and provide the readers with a full preview of the four different classes available in the game.

Reading our Ocean Legend guide will boost up your knowledge in this regard and there will be a fully detailed report for the advanced players whom are seeking the perfection and reaching the top ranking table on the field so far.

Four Unique Classes Available To Choose From.

The first class we got hereis the Artillerist and he is known for the swordsmanship and high defense added to the intelligence but the health points are pretty much low and we are not recommending it for the close combats as it is his main weakness.

Remember that each class is coming with his own nationality and it will not add any extra difference when it comes to the real gameplay part. That is something you should consider when you are about to pick a character.

The second class we got here is the bounty hunter. The high intelligence and decent rating in the gunnery but very low defense and health points. This was not meant for the open battles, this class shines more in the stealthy missions and sneaky combats. Try to be smart when you are playing with this class always!



The Art of Creating Your Character.

Following our set of Ocean Legend tips when you are picking your character at the start will only help you to know which one fits you the most and learning the main basics of the battle at the beginning.

Last class is the most loved on in the RPG games the Melee knight. Very high swordsmanship and very high health points, and defense! The one who managed to break through the front lines of the enemies and take the lead to the victory.

Tons OF Stories to Go Through.

Once you are done with picking the class, the time will come to pick up a name for your character. The name should be simple and easily recognized, as you will write your name in the hall of fame by using the Ocean Legend cheats service so far.

Changing the location on the world of the challenge can be organized from the inside, and the Spain world is default one. It is a double-headed challenge under the rule of the Hapsburg. Spain not only expanded its territory in Europe, but also shifted its conquest to the AtlanticOcean.

The Dutch Story.

The Dutch sea coachman! The great wealth brought by the new route has made this new business country have the hope of breaking the shackles and running to the new life.

Do not forget the importance of the Ocean Legend hack and how it will improve the powers of your sailing ship. In addition, if you are interested to learn more about the battle controls, then here you go with main basics.

Hold the regular attack button stage to achieve maximum range. This is the

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