Ode To Heroes was created and published by “DH-Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

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Easy and Idled Gameplay, you do not have to put so much effort into the game in order to enjoy and progress through it.

Unlock tons of heroes from different factions and add them to your army. Using the Ode to Heroes cheats will provide you with the following: gems, fragments, and resources.

Get Started

The honorable Destiny Minister, here you come finally! That was close I nearly missed you in that overwhelming space-time fluctuation!

Lately it happens from time to time…it is worrying. Anyway! It would be a nice move to give yourself a name, make sure your name is simple, easily recognizable. Reading Ode To Heroes review will enlighten your mind with the necessary information to move on the right path.

  • Later on here, we will cover the summoning instructions and provide you with Ode To Heroes Cheats.

You cannot start the game without knowing the ins and outs. So let us full you in, firstly, you need to understand how the recruitment system works. On the next segment, we will cover this part.

How To Summon New Heroes?

The summoning new historical heroes to go on campaigns with you. The recruitment center is the right place to do this mission. There are two ways to summon new heroes.

  • Advanced Summon, which lets you summon powerful high-grade heroes.3-star, 4-star and 5-star.
  • Advanced summon requires the use of recruitment letters. However, you can get one free attempt every 24 hours, it happens to be free right now, so give it a go. In addition, you can use the Ode To Heroes Hack to purchase it.
  • Friendship Summon, which lets you summon 1-star to 5-star heroes and uses up five hearts. Heart can be obtained from your friends, so it is important to make a lot of friends!
  • Since this is our first meeting. I will give you 5 hearts as a gift. Give friendship summon a try.

Campaign Instructions

Now, you should understand your main duty as the destinier. This part is very important, please listen carefully!

The powerful destiny scroll was accidentally torn apart and lost in different space—times. This has affected how history has developed. Your quest is to retrieve these pieces, and get history back on track.

Tap the campaign button below and set forth for different points in time to find and retrieve the pieces of destiny scroll. Prepare yourself with the right arms through the Ode To Heroes Hack service.

Before departing, we must set up our heroes for the expedition. Tap your avatar to add heroes to your expedition team.



Combat System

Heroes on an expedition will complete fights automatically. You will receive loot every once in a while. Tap battle to enter the battle events for current stage. Clear it enter the next stage.

  • The higher the level of the stage, the better your loot will be.

Each hero will belong to different factions. Heroes from different factions counter with each other. Tap the upper left corner to see this.

You can enhance your combination of heroes with Ode To Heroes cheats.

Faction counter deals 30% extra damage and increases accuracy by 15%. Heroes obtain energy when they attack or are attacked. They will automatically use their ability when the energy bar is full.

The rewards will come in different forms and the Ode To Heroes Hack will cover up all you are spending in the game.

Other than obtaining heroes from the recruitment, you can also obtain them by constructing fragments. I saw you get a lot of hero fragments just then.

You can always retire heroes you no longer need for EXP Pills; EXP Pills are a vital material for upgrading your heroes.

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