Take your role in the war between Humans, Demons and Phantoms. The battle will heat up as you progress forward and you must be having a certain plan in your head and a side to be helping already before getting involved. So we are advising you to use the Omega Force cheats service to help you out through the different struggles of the game.

Omega Force was created and published by “Moregeek Technology Limited” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Right on time!

The demons are going to conquer the entire galaxy. And you are actually belonging to this demon army do not be ashamed of that. So the first thing to put into consideration is the proper tactic or plan to be able to help them with this mission.

Reading our Omega Force guide, might be the right thing for a beginner. And if you are a little bit advanced and know the basics of the game, then you can skip the starting segments and head directly to the most advanced ones at the bottom of this review.

Gameplay Main Affecting Factors.

Now, with the most important part which is the gameplay itself. You can deploy guard units around the demon lord and this to provide higher protection rates and options. We would advise you to start with the slimes to safeguard the demon lord.

In addition to commanding troops, the demon lord can go on an expedition. Now try to move the lord to the destination using the assault command from the left bottom corner of the screen.

Drag and drop the assault function to the location you would love to see your demon lord attacking.it would take few seconds until the demon lord reaches his destination. Follow our set of Omega Force tips for further success.



How to Play?

Your main goal in any battle is to destroy the opponent’s main core buildings. Taking them out would grant you an easy victory and success. And of course would be easier with the Omega Force hack.

Drag and drop the units you have into the battlefield to provide assistance to the demon lord. You can summon your units from the bottom deck on the screen. Each unit will require a certain amount of energy to get it deployed.

Your energy points will be recharged as the time passes, so you need to be aware of the amounts you are spending and to know when to pull out.

Always Have a Plan-B!

The deployed units will start moving automatically towards the enemy side of the screen and start attacking without waiting for your permission.

So you must know exactly what type of units you are deploying and the sequence of deployment must be calculated carefully. You send the tankers first then send the sharp shooters after. And with the Omega Force cheats, we are pretty sure that you are going to have some great success.

Expanding the options, you have in the unit’s section and unlocking new stronger units is something the service will get it done for you instantly.

Choose from Three Major Unique Races!

Winning battles will grant you some great rewards in the return, so you should be always aiming on winning all the battles you are entering flawlessly to increase the reward as well. Once it is added to Omega Force hack, things will become messy.

The game is coming with two major races, the humans and demons. You are totally having the freedom to choose from them. Following the main tutorial of the gameplay will help you out with understanding the main pros and cons of each race and to set up your mind.

The main attribute of the human’s race is the Ambush skill. And they are the only race that is capable of using it. When the cool down is fully reset, try dragging a card to the ambush area. Ambushing a unit will consume the unit’s crystals first. The unit can be deployed at no additional cost.

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