Live the thrilling journey of creating your own hospital right form the scratch until you see it right on the top of the world. The game is not stopping here at creating the hospital…the game will be going through several events and more drama will be waiting for you.

Playing in this game will expand your managing skills and will help you to learn more about your own identity of becoming a successful manager. You are also taking care of surgeries and there is a small simulation to them and it is very interesting. You might want to put into consideration to use Operate Now Hospital cheats to be able to unlock the full features of the game and stop worrying about the price of anything.

Operate Now Hospital was created and published by “Spil Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game requires Android 4.2 and up to get it started. The graphics quality is pretty much average and you will be able to enjoy all of its contents without any lagging or stuttering if you are using a mid-range device.

Main Introduction.

In a hospital, every day is a matter of life and death. Prepare to be tested, you are in charge now. Do your best not to fail during a surgery. If you do, you will have to start all over again. Since you are new here, things will become a little bit confusing and you will not be able to become clear of every part of it. So reading the Operate Now Hospital guide could be a good start to put you on the track.

Amy is going to become your assistance in this journey and will take you through the different missions in the game. And now there has been an accident on the construction site and you must handle it. As the team has just finished working on the reception are and now this occurs.

Ethan, 33, was working on the construction of the hospital when this accident happened. If we do not save his life, the hospital could close before we even begin! Read the surgery brief to know how long it will be taking and the difficulty level.

The surgeries will be consuming blood vessels as well and you may start looking for a source to increase their quantity at your hospital. The ultimate way to get this mission done is by using Operate Now Hospital hack, later on we will explain how it works exactly.



Your First Surgery Is the Hardest Surgery.

Now we will be going through the first operation with all of its components, it is an ideal way to begin with. When the patient fell down, he ripped open this wound in his abdomen, we need to close it up really quick. Select the needle tool from the list on the left side.

Now you need to make neat stitches across the wound to close it up. But you have to follow our Operate Now Hospital tips carefully to accomplish the surgery in the given time frame. Next move is to select the applicator tool and clean up around the wound. Clean the area around the wound…

The total score points are calculated depending on how you are performing and the number of mistakes you have made. Try to always be quick as possible to achieve the highest score possible. Of course, the rewards will be much higher if you are doing a surgery that has higher difficulty.

If you watch videos in the store, you will be rewarded with golden hears. And you can also obtain them through Operate Now Hospital cheats services.

Customize Your Hospital’ Appearance.

Choose an ideal name for your hospital, we are advising you to search for common hospitals names from the worldwide and pick a proper name. Also choosing a logo for the hospital is a very cool thing, they are offering you four logos to pick on from.

The customizations are not playing any part in determine how good your hospital is going to be. They are only for the physical appearance and attraction.

Begin the first construction part by getting the operation room functioning. If you want to perform surgeries, you will need it. And after building it, you will be getting rewards for such a job. You may not focus mainly on the rewards section as the Operate Now Hospital hack will be taking care of your main resources.

The store is having all the rooms and upgrades you would be looking for. And the new rooms will only become available once you meet the requirements. The requirements are mainly related to the getting the previous rooms constructed successfully and also have enough cash. Let’s remind you with the powers of Operate Now Hospital cheats and how it is going to provide you with tons of cash and hearts.



Always Keep an Eye over The Time Frame!

As you move onwards through the game parts, you will be getting new characters unlocked and added to your stock of doctors. Each character will have its own level and abilities to describe it…you can unlock many other characters via Operate Now Hospital hack.

We are moving now to the next surgery and here is a discretion of how it is going to look like. Mr. Thatcher, 45, came in today with acute stomach pain. He had untreated colonic polyps, which have left him very weak, the difficulty level is very easy.

Okay, doctor. Now that we have good sanitary conditions to operate in, let us see how you perform a complex surgery. The maximum time frame for this operation is 2 minutes and 36 seconds, if you ever failed to accomplish it in the given time frame, then you will have to start right from the beginning.

First we need to apply antiseptic to the area. Select the applicator tool from the right side tools. And once you select the tools, start applying it to the highlighted areas. Now you will be ready to make the incision. Select the scalpel tool. You have to pay close attention to the instructions because you will have to remember them on your own in the upcoming surgeries.

Of course, you can get another chance always in the battles by using Operate Now Hospital hack and obtain these golden hearts to increase your chances.

Keep Your Game Files Safe with The Cloud Saving.

Remember that you can always promote healing by applying gel over the cauterized area. The hard part is over. Most of the surgeries will always end up by closing up the opened part with the needle tool.

The Facebook login feature is available for you to choose it up. And we can remind you again that you will be enjoying the cloud saving feature and getting all your information and progress linked up to a cloud server. Which will prevent you from losing whatever you have achieved due to losing the game or the device. You are not also losing anything you have gained from Operate Now Hospital cheats.

The life at the hospital is scary at some points but it is still very thrilling and interesting. If you ever wanted to live the experience, then this game would be the perfect choice.

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