A very elegant design, pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to the mind. Enjoy the new unique experience through OPUS Rocket of Whispers gameplay. The game events are going around a Sci-Fi story, plague spreading in the world and witches sending people out to the stars in missions. This is some weird game but it is totally enjoyable once you obtain the OPUS Rocket of Whispers cheats. Everything will become available for you inside and for free.

OPUS Rocket of Whispers was created and published by “Sigono Inc.” company and they have made it available to be downloaded from Android and IOS stores.

Introduction to The Main Story.

By this rocket we launch, to the cosmos we shall return them. A history of space burials, Fee Lin, Witch of the 46th Generation. The main events are taking place in the Town of Malkuth, during the opening ceremony.

A quick conversation is going between Young John and his mother, as he is rushing her to catch the burial from the beginning. But the mother is not really motivated since there are a lot less people this year and it will not be fun as always. And the main reason behind the decreased numbers of people during the burial’s ceremony is the flu that is spreading around very fast and taking out many lives. So people have decided to stick to their homes to stay safe. But john is very reckless and will decide to roll on his own towards the place, despite his father concerns. And that is when you will be taking first control over the character.

First thing you will be learning in our OPUS Rocket of Whispers guide is the controlling system. And due to its simplicity, we will not have much to say but mentioning the movement pad that is located on the bottom left corner. Hold and drag it to move from one point to another, release your hands to stop moving.

Simple Controlling Mechanism.

Whilst you are on your way to the Ceremony, you will pass by an inspection site. A factory that is just on the other side of the fence. Your dad has always said it is preventing burial goers from wandering off. So it is very important and you should be keeping this information in your head for further stages. Follow our OPUS Rocket of Whispers tips to make sure you are doing the common mistakes that every new player falls into.




A giant stone monument is at the center of the plaza. The surface is covered with names! Everyone usually likes to pray at the plaza, but it looks like they are moving to the launch site or something weird is going on, keep moving around to discover the secret behind all this mystery. And you can consider the help from OPUS Rocket of Whispers cheats at any part of the playing time. This is supposedly a very smart idea.

By reaching this point, I guess you are fully away of the basics, but still missing some parts which will be covered on the upcoming segments.

The Plague Is Everywhere now!

All the previous events were just a flashback of your memory, as that was the last thing you have remembered before the plague starts to spread into the world. Your dream was to make rockets and become like your father.

The plague arrived without warning, and destroyed everything we knew. within a year, the population was reduced to fractions of a percent. You may overcome the plague with some help of OPUS Rocket of Whispers hack, but that is still unknown.

Witches Are No Longer There.

In the face of such catastrophe, the witches, who were responsible for the nation’s tradition of space burial’s, decided to put themselves in cryogenic sleep. They pray that, once the plague has settled, they could return to rebuild their civilization and faith once more. And of course with OPUS Rocket of Whispers hack, that is totally achievable.

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