It is your duty now to start facing off these zombies and stop their crawling towards the total chaos and a world free of human lives!

Get yourself equipped with the latest and strongest gears the game gets to offer to you and become one of the most fearful humans being on the planet earth, and stop the zombies from bringing the world into ashes.

This game was created and developed by “OMG Studio” and it is now available to be downloaded for free on Android and IOS devices and do not forget to get the OutSet Zombie Hunter Cheats to be having more than enough resources to be able to purchases all the latest upgrades and improvements.


Basic Game Controls.

The game controls were designed to become a user friendly and match everyone’s skills so far, so we are going to cover them with details in the OutSet Zombie Hunter guide for our dear users.

And now let’s get to the most important things you need to know at the combat scenes, use your left thumb to aim at the incoming attacks so you could be choosing which target you are killing exactly and where you going to shoot because the place where you are going to shoot at is actually different, so choose it carefully with caution. In the OutSet Zombie Hunter tips we will be talking about, you would know actually where exactly you should be aiming to take out the zombies much faster than the regular shooting skills.

Shoot Right Away at Their Heads!

And on the other side you need to use the right thumb you got there to start shooting right away after your cursor is located at the exact point you want to hit. You need to pay attention to your magazines, because if you ever run out of ammo, you will never be able to shoot and zombies will start get closer to you and take you down, so make sure you are reloading instantly and collecting them ammos which we will be covering later on this article, use the OutSet Zombie Hunter cheats so you would secure the number of ammos and resources you have inside each mission.

Increase Your Combo Streak!

After killing a zombie after another, this will make you go on a kill streak which is called in other words the combo streak, the higher your combo counter is the more skills you shall be receiving, so make sure you are reacting fast and killing them zombies much faster one by one, and do not waste so much time on reloading or wandering around. Also you need to keep your eyes over the health points you got at the top left corner of the screen, because it indicates your life span and how long you will be able to survive this battle scene, so do not ever let your health points reach the ground zero number!

Get OutSet Zombie Hunter Hack to Have Upper Hand Over the Strong Bosses.

At the end of each mission you will be receiving awards to help you with going on through the game, but actually the thing is the game is based on a storyline, and sometimes you will get to face some scary monsters and bosses at the end of each mission you entering, and in order to eliminate them you need to be having the OutSet Zombie Hunter hack so you could be able to get some unique and strong gears to take out them bosses.


Regenerate Your SP!

The bosses at the end of each mission has some weak points which you should be taking advantage of and eliminate them out, so use the energy packets so you could simply regenerate your SP which would allow you to execute some unique and powerful attacks on the boss which would actually deal much higher damage and help with taking it out in less time than you can expect.


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