OVERHIT was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

This is a remake so you should be expecting many improvements on all aspects. It is a turn-based game packed up with very decent visuals and storyline.

An archer in the eleven kingdom’s Diamond court, celesta grew up in a part of the forest only inhabited by women. As such, she is a little ignorant of the ways of the world and unused to dealing with men.

Malpion of the Onyx court in particular has a tendency to get on her bad side, and the two of them often clash.

You will be given the access to the mailbox and it shall allow you to communicate with other players all over the world. In addition, the goods from OVERHIT cheats will be sent to your mailbox.

Get Started

As we are starting our OVERHIT review, you must be aware that the game will require an internet connection from you to start the game.

We do have a list of instructions for the new players; it would be amazing if you have managed to keep them in your mind at the starting phases of the game.

  • Solid internet connection to dodge any lags or disconnection that could cause troubles to your career path
  • Selecting the server that is close to your region as much as possible shall reduce the latency
  • Read our detailed review about the available classes before picking one
  • Get the OVERHIT cheats ready for any upcoming challenges

Those were the main four starting tips that we could offer to our readers. If you are looking for much more advanced tips and would like to take your gaming skills to the next level, then we would advise you to scroll down for more…



Welcome the World Of OVERHIT!

The ceremony is about to begin and the princess Sophia is ready alongside her two best friends Ren, the special guard and Alex the head of the queens guardians.

Out of nowhere, an attack occurs on the citadel and everyone will start panicking. That is your time to learn the game from its darkest point.

Meet ash, he is the member of the black wings. He is here to get you up to speed. You must understand at the beginning that at this game, combat is the key to success.

First up, you must learn the regular attacks. Heroes perform these automatically when it is their turn, so you would not be in need to learn anything special in this regard.

  • Next, we have skills, which are special abilities unique to each hero. To activate a skill, tap the skill icon beneath a hero’s portrait.

Of course, the OVERHIT cheats will add the depth of power that you are looking for in this journey. So ensure that it is always ready to be activated.

There are three skill types: attack, recover, and support. Long press a skill icon to see its description. You can even check during battle1 make sure you understand your heroes skills before using them.

Skills are powerful, but they have a cool down period, so you cannot chain them. Guess that means you would biter make every skill counts.

With the OVERHIT cheats, you should ensure you are having it all covered at its all prospective.

How Does The Skill System Work?

Coming back to the skills. You should realize that it would let you preset up to three skill you want to use. Might want to keep that in mind. However, the other skills will be held in the preserve location.

Since it is a turn-based game, you should keep in mind that you must be prepared and ready for the next round at all cost. Using the OVERHIT Hack would add the extra armor and damage you need to survive for as many rounds as possible.

  • Completing missions will reward you with experience points, and these points shall be shared among all the party members. Advancing up in the level will increase your overall attributes points.

You will be also given a chance to unlock new hero and add it to the list. You can get more heroes by spending gems at the in-game shop or activate the OVERHIT Hack as an alternative and watch your heroes list expand phenomenally.



How To Fight?

Below that, you can see the rewards for winning. You cannot earn all rewards at once, so you might need to repeat a fight to get what you want.

  • You can also earn a once-time only star reward for completing these conditions. Pretty neat, huh?

Time for a real fight! Head to the prepare for battle screen. Organize your battle lines here. Okay, let us create a new team. Keep in mind what we learned about the enemy. The first thing is leader skills. These buffs are applied to all team members when a high-grade hero is in charge. Since I’m the leader right now, my leader skill is being applied.

The first thing is leader skills. These buffs are applied to all team members when a high-grade hero is in charge. Since I’m the leader right now, my leader skill is being applied.

Your team’s combat style and effective combination change according to your leader. Remember to check your leader skills frequently and build your team around them.

  • Okay, let us add the latest heroes we have received to our team. Tap on the empty slots in the teams section. This shows all the heroes you can set as team members.

Now, you have the OVERHIT Hack and your team is ready, the time has come to make a formation for your team.

Upgrade Your Team Line With OVERHIT Cheats!

As you can see, you can position heroes in the front, middle, or back rows. The front row is more vulnerable to attack, so it is a good idea to place heroes with high HP and defense there.

This should become one of your highest priorities. Learning the tactics that will win you battles, rather than relying mainly on the OVERHIT Hack powers, you can actually outplay a stronger opponent but tactically, you will be a beast.

  • One of the smartest tips you could use on the battlefield is to place the high damage dealers on the back, so they could keep attacking the enemy whilst remaining their health points unharmed.

Having a variety of heroes in your lineup using the OVERHIT cheats should become a technique to be followed from the starting minute in the game.

Reading the description written over each hero by long pressing on it. For example: Yuri is a mage whom is specialized in recovery and treating the other wounded heroes in the battle.

  • Such type of heroes needs to be moved to the back, as he needs to stay alive for as long as possible.

Once you are done with, setting everything up, you should start thinking about the OVERHIT Hack and how it will affect your gameplay experience.

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