Paladins Strike was created and published by “Hi-REZ Studios” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform. There is no need to get a flagship device to get running. But getting the Paladins Strike cheats should become at the top of your priorities inside.

Basic Gameplay Controls.

It is advised to play the game with both of your hands for the optimal experience. As you will be using the both side corners situationally during the battles and gameplay overall. Let’s start our Paladins Strike guide by describing the locations of the critical controlling buttons.

On the bottom left corner, you will be able to move your hero with the joystick, and this is a complete free movement path in this open world game and on the other hand, you will be able to attack enemies with an attack button. And that is not everything, there will be several special skills to be used depending on the situation.

Following the objectives path could be done by tracking down the highlighted yellow arrows on the ground. It will take you exactly from one point to another successfully and show how the world looks outside.

At your first test, use the normal attack. It will deal very low damage but there Is no cool down on it, and you will not be consuming any sort of special points to cast a normal attack, despite from the special skills, which we will be going deeper into its section later on here.

Advanced Instructions.

By reaching this point, we should be expecting you to be fully aware of the game basics and it is the time to dive deeper into the advanced controls.

Keep in mind that some abilities can be toggled, turn on iron sights to increase your attack range. One more tap over it will turn it off depending on your preference. For continuous attacks, hold your basic attack button to damage your enemies. It will keep firing continuously without a single break.

When your enemies are surrounding the entire place and everything is going out of control due to the high numbers of them. Consider using the grog grenade to deal high area damage to your enemies. Find more valuable Paladins Strike tips mentioned down below.



Keep Learning New Talents as You Progress Forward.

Learning new talents is an option that will become available only as you advance in level. At the beginning there will be an option to choose between two starting talents.

  • Basic Attack reduce healing by 50%.
  • Reloading speed will increase by 50%.

We would advise you to pick up the increased speed of the reload time. And now when you lose the hope and you believe that you are about get busted. Use your ultimate barrage to damage enemies with a large area, we consider this as a final solution. And with Paladins Strike cheats, your weapons shall see new horizons in there.

Take A Step Back When Battles Become Heavy.

If you are wounded during the battle, locate a healing spot to recover from the wounds and become fit once more to for another combat. But if you are a user of Paladins Strike hack, we are not expecting you to get wounded that much due to the latest gears that you will be picking up.

But usually, the base would be your healing spot, until you start capturing new points. But this is coming at a cost of facing a powerful juggernaut. Destroy the enemy tower and protect it at any cost.

How to Win?

When you are in a rush, do not hesitate to use the hustle skill. It will increase your movement speed by big margin and give you advantage over your opponents. Unlock new skills and features of the game via help of Paladins Strike hack and it is totally for free! Do not forget that capturing the objective will summon the juggernaut. It will help you to destroy the enemy base to win.



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