This is a fighting game, it was created and published by “Shanghai Fangcun” the game was released on 17 Jan, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to discover more sweet and colorful creatures that will accompany you all the time through your journey of fighting other skilled players with their powerful paramons, also using the Paramon Clash cheats will provide you with the enough diamonds to be used through your journey.

Meet Dr.Frances To Gather More Info About The Paramons!

Hey YondaApk, Dr. Frances says “The Alliance” is giving away a new batch of Paramons. Lets check them out! Now lets go and Dr. Frances the doctor that will guide you and help you through your journey, now before we start let Frances show you a video, this video is going to show you how you will be fighting against the different Paramons, you will watch how their health bar gets affected by each hit from both Paramons attacking each other, and finally make sure to read our Paramon Clash tips to understand how to control your Paramons well.

Customize Your character To Look Amazing!

At the beginning of the game, you will need to customize your character, you can  choose a head from 4 heads available in the game, after that you can start choosing a facial from 4 facials available in the game, then the third thing you going to customize is the top you can choose what you want to wear from 4 different tops in the game and finally the bottom you can choose 1 from 4 different bottoms that has an amazing looks to look cool and stylish while you play the game, and finally you are going to enter the name you are going to play with, and getting the extra help from the Paramon Clash cheats you will become unbeatable.

Get Into Your First Fight And Learn More About The Game!

Who… who are you? Why did you break the seal? Now Angelina will say mission complete. Darkfyre still needs some time to fulyl recover. Gotta run.

This is what a real battle between super trainers looks like. Exciting huh? You will make a name for yourself if you train hard enough, now pick your starting Paramon, after choosing Zupedo as an example, now let’s pull it to the test, now lets get into the first fight and understand how does the game work, first of all this area shows the opponent level and HP, once their Paramons HP goes to 0 you are going to be the winner, and the other area shows you your Paramon info, and your only goal is to win the battle.

Two energy points are given before each round, active skills can only be triggered with a full energy bar, now let’s play!

Choose One From The Available Paramons To Start The Game!

To start the game you will need to pick a Paramon for yourself from the available starting Paramons, these Paramons are:

1-Zupedo: a water-type Paramon, can evolve three times, its known for its skill called BUBBLE BEAM, and it uses its head to block attack.

2-Tygnite: a fire-type Paramon, can evolve three times, despite its harmless appearance, it can easily do some serious damage.

3-Verdoe: a gross-type, can evolve three times, its cute tail can emit sweet scent, it can also measure humidity and temperature.

And with reading our Paramon Clash guide you are going to know which Paramon will suit you and suit your style the most.

Obtain The Paramon Clash Hack To Unlock New Skills!

If you cannot defeat these skilled players because you don’t have the enough diamonds to increase your Paramons overall stats, and you also cannot get more Paramons into your list, using the Paramon Clash hack will provide you with unlimited amount of diamonds that will help you build your homeland easier than before, also will help you gain and upgrade your skills and your Paramons skills.



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