Outstanding graphics and unique experience of the game, and also enjoy the tons of boosters the game gets to offer you to use in the different missions you are entering, keep solving the puzzles and match the similar faces and items together in order to complete the given missions.

The game was created by “231 PLAY GMBH” company and it is available for free on Android and IOS Devices, get the Peppy Pairs Cheats as well to enjoy the freedom of spending gold.


Choose Your Boosters Carefully.

Before entering each mission, you will get to choose between which boosters you want to see there in the mission, and them boosters can be unlocked or upgraded by spending gold coins in the game shop, make sure you are having all of them enabled so you would find all the game challenges melting right in front of your eyes in few seconds of play time, and you can also invite your friends to earn higher gold coins in return.


Check out on your mail box because this is exactly where all the generated gold will be sent to your account in, so make sure you are checking it frequently, and also this feature can be used to communicate with your friends and start meeting and exchanging thoughts about the game in there.

Complete The Different Worlds Using Peppy Pairs Hack!

The game missions are split into worlds, and these worlds are numbered from 1 to 999, the game gets updated actually regular so stay connected to the internet whilst playing it so you would receive the latest upgrades and improvements related to the game, so your gaming experience shall get enhanced and improve rapidly, and also keep in mind that the fastest way to enhance the playing experience is by obtaining the Peppy Pairs hack, to enjoy the limitless gold numbers.

Save Your Data in A Safe Place.

The game will allow you at the begging to have the freedom of choosing between playing the game and save all your progress through the cloud service that is provided by the game, and that will only happen if you sign in with your Facebook account, and no worries they will never be posting anything on your wall or even get any personal data about your Facebook account, and this will enable you to have the upper hand when you are about to retrieve all the data you got from your previous gaming career on the game once you decide to purchase a new device and want to continue the game from where exactly you have stopped the game, and do not worry, you can still play the game if you do not even have a social media account by entering the guest mode and all your completion will be saved as well but that will be actually linked to your device memory so make sure you are keeping it safe from getting formatted or lost by any chance but for now just focus more on reading the Peppy Pairs guide to its end so you could benefit from many extra benefits.

Several Ways to Increase Your Gold Income.

Getting the gold in the game is very important and necessary task to be completed in order to be able to play the game for longer periods, some might find that a bad and stupid reason to obtain the gold and start collecting it, but the fact is that you will be receiving awesome rewards for each mission you will be completing, and I guess the time has come to explain the usage of gold and how it is going to affect your gameplay. And also Read Peppy Pairs Guide.

Play The Game for Longer Periods to Enhance Your Experience.

The longer you play the game the more needs for the hearts that is actually going to keep you to stay alive and able to play for more periods, as once you get killed for certain amount of numbers you will have to start waiting for period of time until all your hearts will regenerate all over again and that will stop you from enjoying the game you love the most, that is why the Peppy Pairs Cheats is actually recommended here for you to be able to use it to cover all your gold expenses at the game.


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