The game is simply based on getting you involved through a journey of collecting your perfect line up. keep working on collecting the perfect players from a huge data base of players. They have done a great job on adding several players to the game apart from the real game which they have lost most of the sponsorships to FIFA, but this one they have decided to do some sort of a comeback.

The fun does not end at the cards collecting system, it is also giving you the opportunity to enter a challenge against other players in an online matchmaking, so we do not have to mention that you are supposed to have an internet connection active to enjoy the most features of the game. put your hands on PES Card Collection cheats for the optimum results.

PES Card Collection was created and published by the giant gaming company “KONAMI” and they have released it through the Android and IOS stores.

The game will run on the minimum requirements, when it comes to the device specifications. But you will need an android version that is 5.0 and up to run it. And the same is applied to the IOS category.


Welcome to the exciting world of PES Card Collection!

In this game you collect cards of real-life players to build the ultimate team. The dreams of football fan the world over are about to come to life!

We have decided to make this PES Card Collection guide as short as possible and head directly into the main components of the gameplay. Scroll down to learn more.


Everything is very simple and has no complications, but it will take few minutes from your side to get used to it. And by reading our review, it will make things a lot easier as well.

Play the draws to obtain cards of the world’s top players. But that Is not everything, you will also get the ability to train them up and fine tune the formation of yours, that you will be setting it up completely from your mind.

There are several formations to choose from but also some unique ones will come locked but down below we are going to give the smartest PES Card Collection tips on how to get it ready.



Create an unbeatable team to call your own!

Once everything is set up, you will need to play matches against other uses and computer-controlled teams in a range of game modes.

Matches are played automatically by the game’s AI. So you can just sit back and watch the action.

The key to winning is all in the preparation, so you will need to train your players and choose the right tactics before each match.

Learn to Use Your Skills Carefully.

Now it is the time to explain about matches while you watch a game between two powerhouse teams.

Pay particular attention to the special skills that player use, as well as excitement points EP. The EP will give an indication of how well you are doing in the match. Boost your performance magically with the PES Card Collection cheats.

Now, on the next seemed the part you have been waiting for, tap the screen and begin the match at the starting phase. PES Card Collection hack will always work on making things easier and that is the main goal of this website to ease up the gameplay.

Transfer System in Few Lines.

Set up your transfer settings so you can safely migrate your data to another device and continue playing the game, should you need to. We recommend setting this up as soon as you can.

Also you will need to have the right bucks with PES Card Collection hack to purchase the right players. It will increase the team total strength points and enter a competition with the top tier players globally.

Final words: this is an ultimate game for the football fans, so you can always keep yourself attached to your favorite players and test out new formation.

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