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Enjoy yourself in one of the greatest football games that has ever landed on the mobile community with great and simple controls so you can finally say goodbye to the complicated and bugged games has been flooding the markets back in days, this one is a complete revolution and everything of it has been finely created and crafted thanks to the great company “Konami” for such a great gift, and do not forget to use the PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats to have a dream team that will become unstoppable as the time passes and your skills increase.

This game is available now for free through the Android and IOS stores, so download it start playing right now!

Walkthrough The Main Features of the Game.

Now you should be preparing yourself to enter such an outstanding and amazing game that includes several features inside with many other new patches and fixes from the previous version and right now we have decided to put it under our scoop and try to declare out the features to the public and help the beginners to know what exactly they are getting themselves into including the terms and privacy and other features which will be available for the regular player.

So in this PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER guide we shall be going to the terms and privacy side of the game, we should be letting you know that there is nothing important there and it is just the regular terms so you must be knowing that you will get yourself under any legal violation by any means and that is the first part of the starting scene in the game as you should agree to the terms in order to proceeded to the next part of the game and enjoy the actual gameplay, and to make the game more fun consider to add the PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats to your routine.

Welcome to my Club feature and now let’s get started with actual review from the game inside, at the first part ever you will be playing with the FC BARECLONA team to learn the basics and become a professional player in no time, of course there will be some of the important tricks that we will only reveal it to our loyal readers but that is for a very limited time only.

Several Great Stadiums Available to play On.

Let’s get started now and go through the first phase of the game training section where we will be teaching you the basics and hope to make you a professional in almost no time.

Enter your first match ever at the game against BV BRUSSIA 09 DORTMUND in the Konami stadium, and this stadium was created specially by the company itself and they have did some great job over it as they were trying to make it available for the teams whom do not own  stadium and looking to experience playing on a ground that is natural against their rivals still, this is considered to be one of the finest stadiums in the game as they have added great textures and effects to every part of it but you will notice how great this stadium is once you put it in a comparison with other stadiums out there, consider using the PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats as it will help you out with unlocking new stadiums still.

We have totally forgot to get the most basic controls to you so we shall start from this point and on, swipe with your left thumb on the screen in order to kick the ball off at the start, and yes they didn’t include the new FIFA rules so you will be kicking off the ball with two players and still have to go through the traditional old technique that used to be in the matches old time ago with two players around the center point.



Complete The Tutorial to Become a Decent Player in No time.

The game basics will appear for few seconds and you will have to master out the technique that is given to you in order to pass to the next part successfully so you must be knowing that it is only appearing for few seconds, use two fingers in orders to pass the ball to your mate whom is running between the opponent lines and asking for the ball as he is getting a good chance to see the opponents scoring point, so the left finger is now responsible for passing the ball on the right side you will direct your pass and do not worry the game assistant system will guide it automatically to your mate foot without having to select him personally.

we do not have to mention that the better your player states are the higher chance of getting the ball to be delivered successfully to the target you are trying to get him the ball, but we will get back to this section with more details and give you other options to improve your players line up rather than getting PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats.

Once you are ready to try out the given technique tap on the play button that is located on the right bottom corner of the screen, and there will be a small pause for three seconds once you resume the game since they do not want to surprise you with the game instantly once it starts.

Gameplay in Depth.

Move around freely on the pitch with the left thumb of yours, and meanwhile you are running there you can notice a highlighted circle around the player who has the balls and it will start letting you know the directions of the players whom you can pass to successfully with blue pointer, try to be smart enough and pass the ball to the targets whom can score the ball or have a better opportunity of passing the ball to a much better player whom having a high scoring chance, these techniques will be improved as the time passes and try to become smart enough to overcome the various features of the game, get them all unlocked with PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats.

And now as you been working hard previously in order to get as close as possible to the opponents net and the time has come to score your first goal, at first we must let you know that PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats will help you with getting the right striker who can finish the ball into the net with the minimum effort without having a high chance of missing it out, use the right side of the screen to draw a line into the opponents net depending on your own preferred position there and try to always aim for the furthers point from the goalkeeper as it will make saving the ball mission almost impossible, but there are some goal keepers in the game whom are very talented and will manage to save balls that you have thought that they are unstoppable, but we will let get your hands over some of them.

Important PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Tips to Keep You Going TO The Top.

since you are reading to this point currently, so we should be expecting that you are aware of the basics of football matches, it is running for 90 minutes and there could be extra stoppage time depending on the events that have happened on the pitch, and the winner is the one who scores more goals than the others but some matches could end up in a draw when both teams scores same amount of goals as the other team but that rarely happens as you must be entering the pitch with the will to win the match no matter what happens.

We have been speaking previously about the attacking techniques and we went on depth at this section but we didn’t speak enough about the defending skills and how to retrieve the ball from your opponent team and retain passion once more, move as close as possible to the ball holder and starting tapping with your right thumb on the screen and the player will automatically try to tackle or take the ball once more back, get some strong defenders with high skills of retrieving the ball through the help of PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER hack as it will get you whatever necessary to purchase these players and if you are wondering about the purchase mechanism then stay tuned and keep on reading as we will provide our readers with valuable PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER tips as well at the same time to help them to pick the right players for their squad.



Modify The Controls to Make the Game More Enjoyable.

Entering the general play settings to take control over the various features inside the game, they have added them all to try to bring you the most reliable playing experience and help to make the game as simple as possible specially these football games which require certain customization for its players and that is something we are used to see in every game but in a mobile game? that is something new to be honest and we are so glad that Konami didn’t forget about adding most important features right there so let’s go through them and try to give our readers the full information behind each feature and its mission at the game.

Starting with the control settings section, the cursor change could be set between manual and automatic, and that is the pointer that will change the control over the player, the player whom is going to receive the ball you will be taking control over it automatically without having to press on anything else, but if you are on the defending situation and want to use certain player whom has a higher chance of taking the ball back to your team then this feature will help you as you can tap on the player and take control over it and start putting your plan into the pitch, but with PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER cheats your players skills and powers will serve up your plan much better and try to make it more effective.

Take Control over The Controls in The Game Entirely.

Continuing what we started previously is something we are good at so we are going now to the next feature at the control settings which is the Auto sliding, it could be changed between the three available options, Manual as you will be doing your slide tackling depending on your plan and no interference shall happen from the game AI it is all coming back to you, and the second feature is Semi-Auto and we do prefer to set it up at this selection, as you will still do your manual sliding tackles but still there are some help from the game UI at some points of the game you should be considering to add to your gameplay, and last choice is automatic and we are totally against it but if you are a new player and having the right squad with PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER hack then you shall not face many problems with this enabled.

Last but not least thing we will be talking about here is the attack directions settings, you must set this feature to off and never think of enabling it again as it will be always there with you when you are getting closer to score your goal but still it will stop you from bringing creative plays and do some skilled plays as it will let you know what to do and stick to the safe plays only, but still you will get the greatest moves and skills with right players through PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER hack.

Unlock New Players and Items with PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Hack.

We are now done with the control settings and we have covered it with details as much as possible but we hope that we do not drop any important information, moving next to the display settings, choose between enabling the player name over the player itself on the pitch to know which player exactly you are playing with and what to expect from him, and also the Radar on the bottom side is important as it will be helping out with tracking the player locations and know whom is where and what is the current formation that is being played at the moment, with the PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER hack, you will be simply getting the perfect line up that will know exactly where it should stand at.



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