The biggest part to mention here is the Graphics, it has been winning awards for its stunning visuals but to be honest, it is not that high that would cause you troubles to run it on your device as we illustrated below.

The gameplay is following the regular path for any RPG but the main characters are some mysterious creatures such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Get help from Phantom Chaser cheats to get past the hardest obstacles.

Phantom Chaser was created and published by “Floppygames Inc.” And it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Phantom Chaser requires Android 4.1 and up to run it, so we are speaking here about a mid-range game. In such games you will manage to find the balance between the graphics and the gameplay.

Get Started.

At the starting phase of the game, make sure that you are selecting a language that you are feeling comfortable with. There are about 7 different global languages available.

The next step would be a region selection phase, only two regions are available. The Asia or US/EU region. Once you select an area, you will not be able to change it later, unless you recreate the account and begin from the scratch.

Make sure that your internet connection is stable and ready to handle the multiple process of the game. Read our Phantom Chaser guide to learn more about the gameplay.

Create Your New Character Smoothly.

There could be some patches available at the start of the game, so do not proceed forward on the game unless you have a strong Wi-Fi connection to download it.

Choose a login option from the three available ones, the Facebook and Gmail both are working in the same way as cloud saving servers the only difference is the account being used. On the other hand, you can login as a guest and keep away all your personal information from the game.

Once you are done with the login phase and language selection, tap anywhere on the screen to start and enter a nickname for your character, it could be up to 12 characters long. But do not pick up a name that is contain a special character or cursing words.



How to Obtain Honor Points?

Interact with friends to collect honor points. These honor points are also obtainable through the Phantom Chaser cheats and use them to purchase items from the shop.

The blue dragon is the starting character and there will be a quick conversation between this character and the phoenix. They feel that there is a rift about to take place and the weather is not feeling well. That is why phoenix would suggest to abandon the mission and head back to the back to the base.

Blue dragon believes that there is a mysterious source of energy and she will find a way or another to detect this source.

Eliminate The Threats with Your Special Skills.

The battle will begin right away, as you will face some stranger creatures and the special skills will be located right at the bottom bar of the screen.

Each character will be shown with its own health bar and skills set. Tap on the skills to activate it and these skills are mainly the highest damage output you could deal to an enemy.

Improve your character’s attributes with the usage of Phantom Chaser hack, as it will generate to you the required resoruces to see yourself competing in the top tier.

Overlook The Different Characters Available.

Some characters will have more powers into the supporting role. This role is perfectly cool if you planning to keep your friends alive during the battle and do not care so much about the self-honor.

The right thing to do is to find the right combination of heroes via Phantom Chaser hack and have a balanced set of skills that will allow you to deal great damage and still manage to stay alive through the different parts of combat.

As part of our Phantom Chaser tips system is the mimic, if it is successful, the mimicked skill will be available to be used during the battle and regenerate your lost health points.

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