A mythical challenge is waiting for you, as you will be challenging the old gods, such as Odin, Thor and many other immortal creatures with super magical powers, and you will be taking part in the search for the young child Astrid as she will be trying her best to save the world from the chaos and destruction that is about to happen, do not forget out Phantomgate hack, cheats, tips and guide in this journey as this shall become your new best friend throughout the different stages.

Phantomgate was created by “Netmarble Games” company and it is available to be downloaded through the Android and IOS stores.

Storyline in Few Words.

The tyranny of the gods has plunged the world into chaos and shrouded it in darkness. Only the chosen one, with her Valkyrie powers, can end their reign and restore order once more, this was simply a quick glimpse over the game story to let you become aware of the various changes and events happening inside the game.

And now the time has come for the first challenge, as the villain is asking Renata to hand to hand over the child and her trespasses will be forgiven in reward, but of course Renata is refusing and he would rather die than giving up her daughter, so a battle is about to begin as there is no way to avoid it.

Actually you are about to face Thor the God of Thunder, so winning this fight is something you should not be expecting to happen easily, use all the given powers and skills you have and leave the rest to your luck.

By this point we are done with introducing you to the game and we shall have proceeded further on to the game features and actual gameplay.



Take The Best Out of Your Turn.

This is a turn based game, so each character at your small army or team whatever you are calling it, will be prepared to show off its skills and try to deal some massive damage to the enemy, try to always use the right combination together, as each character will give you the freedom to choose between several skills, so if you have managed to know which skills would work better together, then we do believe that you are going to give your enemy no chance to survive or escape this hell hole.

Game UI.

You can see your opponent health bar located on the bottom right corner, and this bar once it reaches the zero point then it means that the enemy will drop down dead, your main focus should be always at this bar in order to stop any attempt for your opponent to regain his health back by using healing skills or something similar, always become ruthless and show no mercy to your enemies, and right here in this review we shall be introducing you to various techniques and try to give you the right idea about the perfect gears.

Various Techniques to Be Followed Against Gods in The Battles.

Some opponents will require much harder work from you in order to beat them, for example the god Thor is actually immortal, so it is better to find a smart way to escape his wrath.

But at the game, the story will move on and you have to pick up a right name for your character, you need to identify yourself before you can pass through the phantomgate, it must be as short as possible and there should never be any type of complications.

Odin, the leader of the gods of Yggdrasil, has hidden the body of Renata, a powerful Valkyrie and Astrid’s mother, as the moment shall come when the world will need her help once more, use our amazing Phantomgate hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to have the necessary resources and materials which will become your main assistant during your mission of saving the world from the evil hands.



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