One of the most world known games ever, enjoy playing with over 600 million players from all over the world, and listen to your favorite type of music whilst playing it and jumping from tile to another, it is a simple game but the visuals and idea itself behind the game is what is making all this great success use the Piano Tiles 2 cheats to increase your stock of Diamonds for free and read our Piano Tiles 2 guide as well for extra information on how to proceed further in the game.

The game was created by “Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited” and you can be download it on your Android or IOS Devices.

Use Your Own Headphones for Better Experience.

It is recommended to play the game with your own headphones as the game is based around the music and the change of the music tones differently depending on the tile you are tapping on so the good headphones would do wonders whilst playing the game, you can also get some extra Piano Tiles 2 tips over here without having to pay for it and all the tips are guaranteed and tested 100%!

After each time you finish up a turn, you will be receiving experience points and this will result in increase of your own level, and also new music will be unlocked alongside some different tones, tap on the receive award button to receive them all into your stock, you can visit the music menu and test the newly received music and listen to them freely.

Information Box.

At the starting of the first mission you will be finding the info written in the box that is appearing on the bottom of the screen, and the name of the first mission is Wonder Boxes In Endless Tiles, and the music name which is Little star followed up by the best score counter and this is really important one as it puts you always in a challenge with your own self to beat the last record you have scored in the game previously, and to reach the highest scores possible you will be needing jewels and other resoruces and all of them are obtainable via the Piano Tiles 2 cheats for free.

Stay Focused!

Starting to play the game doesn’t require much of the skills just tap on the start tile that would be appearing right inform of you in a blue color and if you take a look at the top side of the screen you can be seeing a counter… the tiles counter you are pressing on successfully on time so do not frustrate yourself if you ever got to high number because you need to stay focused as much as possible and never lose your concentration.

Gameplay part.

Moving to the gameplay and covering the most important parts you should be warry of… tap on the start tile and you will be finding the screen moving up so you have to keep taping on tiles in order to catch up with the game pace, but first remember you are holding the device with both of your hands the thumbs are ready to react quickly second thing keep in mind that every time you are pressing on will result in making a part of the music that is related to the song so I guess you have relied by now that your goal is create the whole music for the given song by tapping on tiles.

The Piano Tiles 2 hack is a Supreme Item to Increase Your Diamonds Numbers.

Understanding the different types of tiles is important as it will result in better score at the end of the stage, the normal black ones they don’t have any affect and there is no special treatment to it, but the long black ones with a zipper over it this requires you to hold your fingers above it until it is over, this will be granting you extra scores, but do not worry about rewards much as the Piano Tiles 2 hack will be covering up such a thing for you.


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