Pinatamasters was created and published by “Playgendary” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Prepare yourself to fight colorful and crazy Pinatas. The game will take you into different scenes from all over the world and the challenges are pretty much as those pinatas will react according to your attacking style.

The game is perfect if you were looking for a time killing machine. It will have this balanced and smart upgrading system and the challenges never ends. Use the Pinatamasters cheats to increase your coins and diamonds stock!

Shot Pinata! Collect Coins!

This is the main starting scene of the game, for sure, there are several features and parts we will cover in this Pinatamasters review, but now you should be aware of the main purpose of the game…

Enjoy the variety of weapons will increase the intensity of the game and take you into a whole new level. You will learn later on here on how to obtain these weapons, but for now, you should prepare the Pinatamasters Hack service…

The game has multiple premium features and methods to earn money from you. We will create this list with the main cons we have encountered during our journey.

  • The ads will keep on appearing randomly and will ruin the experience at some points. We did not enjoy being hooked up with the game and having an awesome success streak and suddenly! An ad comes out of nowhere to stop your plans.
  • The coins are coming in very little numbers; it will not be enough for you to purchase the necessary gears. Which will force you to spend real money to get extra coins.
  • The rewards are not satisfying, which will force you to purchase the premium version or use the Pinatamasters Hack as an alternative.

Now, we have covered the main cons of the game and we will move to cover further features.



Enjoy The Premium Features With Pinatamasters Cheats!

If you wish to make everything smoother for you during the playtime and would not want to be interrupted by annoying ads or running out of coins in general, then the Pinatamasters cheats could become your first solution and the premium subscription comes after…

Subscribing to the premium feature will cost you around five dollars per week and it will provide you with the following:

  • Remove all the ads from the game for good
  • Double your income of coins at any scenario
  • The rewards will be doubled as well, which means you are going to progress much faster

The game offers you the three days trial mode; you may try it before subscribing to the real deal…

We do not have to remind you again that the Pinatamasters cheats will grant you the premium features at no cost.

By reaching this point, you should be ready to learn the gameplay features and learn the smartest tricks available now.

How To Play?

The game will introduce you to a quick tutorial at the beginning to teach you the basics, but trust me when I say that you do not need this tutorial and you will find yourself advancing throughout the different stages of the game very quickly with Pinatamasters cheats.

Your main aim is to shoot on the Pinata and this will not require any physical skill but being fast on tapping randomly on your screen.

  • Keep tapping repeatedly on any part of the screen but quick as possible to increase the combo hits and rewards from destroying it.
  • There will be rewards after each completed mission; it will be mainly consisting of gold coins.

There is only one way to spend these coins on, which is upgrading your character in all terms, and by all terms, I mean there are several factors to spend your coins and they will reach no limit…

The most important part of the gameplay is the AMMO! Running out of ammo means you are useless, so use the Pinatamasters Hack to have enough coins for purchasing the right amounts of ammo that will keep you going without any interruptions…



Main Game Features You Must Read!

You may not purchase ammo during the fight; you must wait until it ends to refill your stock.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that the game is not forgiving at some points, if you keep on purchasing ammos for your weapon; the price will keep on increasing the amount you are getting will not increase by any means.

  • You should not focus on purchasing ammo only; you should increase the attacking power as well.
  • Entering the mission without completing the objective will be considered as a failure and the wasted bullets will not comeback. Therefore, you must make sure that once you enter the challenge you are up to it.

Worry no more about the upgrading cost with the Pinatamasters Hack.

  • Once you advance to certain levels, the rewards will be too high which could allow you to purchase new weapons.
  • Purchasing new weapons is always a good move and it will pay back later and prove it worthy to you on the battlefield.

The most advanced weapons will require a lot of gold from you, which will open two paths for you and we will talk about them on the next segment with details.

Those were the main factors of the battle system; you should keep them in your head once you download the game.

Final Verdict

The game does not stop at throwing knives and bullets on a Pinata, but it will come with a pack of upgrades and customization to add to your game, which makes it even more fun.

Most of these upgrades are related to two important factors, the first one is your current stage level and the second factor is the amount of diamonds you have.

The diamonds will come to you in a very little amount and it will be rare enough to be wasted on any upgrade that will increase the gold from piñatas by 1x. That is when you will realize the Pinatamasters cheats is your only savior…

Of course, you can always purchase the diamonds with real money if you desire.

The main three upgrades that you can get with gold coins are:

  • Speed
  • Offline Reward
  • Bonus Coins

These are the only things you can upgrade them and increase their percentage with the gold coins and it will not cost you that much. It is following the same path of the regular skills you have.

Get the upgrades to their maximum potential with Pinatamasters Hack.

When you are upgrading the Ammo and Power, try to make them at an even level. Do not focus on a part and ignore the other as they both are sharing the same level of importance on the battle.

Last thing we will cover here is the settings menu. You will not find anything special; there are only four customizable features.

  • Sound
  • Music
  • Vibration
  • Language

Other than these four toggling buttons, you will find the X mark to close the menu. The game is very simple and it is the right choice for time killing.

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