Pingo Park was created and published by “HyperBeard” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

A very simple game that requires no skills or much of brainstorming in order to get things done. The game is considered one of the best time killing games on the market now and it has one of the great features, which is the time pauses.

It will prevent you from playing the game continuously without any breaks. It will stop you as the seal will run out and the journey to search for more penguins will take more time as you progress forward. The Pingo Park cheats is a very reliable source for gems and coins.

The gems and coins are playing a vital part in the gameplay. You can purchase the extra penguins, more time, and even remove the ads entirely.

Get Started

One of the main good features in the game, that you can start playing it offline. You do not need an internet connection to get it started or explore the various features inside, we will talk more about the main points in this schmucks review, so if you are interested to learn the main basics and the advanced tricks, keep scrolling…

The game begins with a very quick and small tutorial to teach you about the basics and we are going to walkthrough it step by step as the game is not providing any sort of instructions in dialogues.

Keep tapping on the penguins at the top side until you fill them up on the floating boards. The next step would be matching up two penguins together by swiping your fingers across.

Mixing two penguins together would lead to a new creation. We are talking here about Kevin: A tad too attached to his virtual pets that is the description written on it.

You can always share your progression through your social media accounts and we will talk about this part with more details later on here, but for now, you can skip this part, simply tap on OK button, and go to the next step.

Gameplay In Details

As soon as you match two species together and form something new, that would be the time to go forward and get new species as much as possible, it is all about mixing the right species to get something rare and unique at some point. We believe that the Pingo Park Hack will help you with this process.

  • Minnie will be the result of mixing two Kevins together. In addition, by mixing to Minnies together you can get Chilly: a Chinese takeout and binge watching shows is MOOD.
  • Timmy will come out as well by mixing. He is an adorable well mannered at such young age.

At some point, you will run out of penguins and the Pingo Park Hack is something will provide with gems and the gems is the right resource to purchase extra monsters.

The coins are very important so you must know exactly how you will be spending them. Having a perfect for the future with your coins and gems is the ideal solution. Therefore, we are recommending the Pingo Park Hack.



How To Get Gold And Gems?

There will be a clock ticking once you run out of the penguins, so the search will continue for them via a motorbike. It is called a seal out for the treasures. You may skip the waiting period by watching an Ad or spend some gems with the help of Pingo Park cheats.

The recycle bin is playing a major factor in your gameplay as it can always convert the penguins and the other creatures into gold in case you were heavily in need for gold.

You should never be deeply in need for gold as the Pingo Park Hack will always be there for you. As you progress forward, you will be able to unlock new float boards.

More float boards means you can have more species and higher chances for rare species as you have more space. That is when the Pingo Park Hack will shine and prove it is worthy…

  • At some point, you will get Lula: beware her sugar high!

You should always consider fishing whenever you have the time. There will be a scheduled for each day and you have to stick to it as much as possible.

The next catch will be available after 2 hours approximately, you better set your watch in order to prevent any time waste.

Let Your Park Beauty Shines!

Visiting your park and watching your great creatures having fun is one of the blessing features in the game. That would be the right moment for you to take a screenshot of the park and share it through your social media, and by speaking of the social media…

  • The game has a link to all the social media accounts, as you can post the progressions on the Facebook, twitter and even the Instagram.
  • You have to worry no more about the gold coins and gems with the Pingo Park cheats.

Enter the settings menu and start customizing the gameplay contents. The music and FX effects can be turned off according to your preference and we are recommending you to turn it off and start playing your own playlist.

When it comes to the gameplay language. It is coming in different global languages so you will never go wrong with any of these languages no matter where you live, and as you are reading this review right now, then we believe that the English language is available.

Say Goodbye To The Sail out Timeouts With Pingo Park Cheats

The waiting periods between the next waves of penguins is very annoying. If you do not want to use the Pingo Park cheats, then there is an alternative option, which is tapping on the skip button quickly and it will decrease the waiting period by 1 second for each tap.

The sailing ship will not always bring you penguins; the outcome from the sailing journey will differ depending on the stage you are at and on many other factors.

We have received Minnies and Chilly on the third wave, and that was a very important boost to us. Adding the option to dispatch some penguins in exchange for gold and using the gold to purchase the missing piece of puzzle to create something extra ordinary at the end.

  • As you move forward through the different game stages, you will start to realize the importance of Pingo Park cheats.

Tap on the penguin icon located on the bottom right corner and access the full list of the currently discovered species, you can see the full tree of the penguin life cycle. This should help you to understand the current species you have and what are their ratings among the others.

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