Genuine skippers demonstrate no dread even with risk. Amass the most grounded team of privateers to ever cruise the seven oceans, and loot each ship that comes your direction.

Fight against different players to gain your place as the mightiest scourge of the oceans!

Privateer Brawl is basic and simple to play, this diversion is a mix of system, privateers and some amusing jokes. It expects you to arrange for how to secure your ship and plan your assaults painstakingly (simply sending irregular privateer groups won’t cut it) keeping in mind the end goal to win each fight and make your Captain The Captain of the Seas.

A clever technique amusement from Google’s Top-Developer Spartonix, and it’s an amazingly little weight diversion! – under 20MB!

Amusement Features:

✔ Recruit and update your privateer team

✔ Win fights to progress through the diverse islands



✔ Place your protecting privateers deliberately and guard against other players’ assaults

✔ Each character in your team has one of a kind claims to fame, utilize them deliberately

✔ Use traps and spells further bolstering your good fortune amid fights

✔ Brawl against different players worldwide and take their Gold and Trophies

✔ Discover your most loved assault and resistance teams from incalculable blends of privateers

✔ Watch replays of each fight – Watch your privateer team amid a fight to enhance your procedure

✔ See how you contrast with different players worldwide in Google Achievements and Ranking

✔ Pirate themed illustrations and sounds with lovable, entertaining characters

✔ Free activity charged procedure amusement – Careful arranging and methodology prompts VICTORY!!

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