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Let’s command a spaceship through the newest game pixel starships by savy soda, the game is defined as a strategy game and is available for both android and IOS devices, the game is about fully controlling a spaceship in an online pixel game, you will have to control your ship in everything, from constructions into battles and what is your team race will be, the game has a lot of strategy and fun and will make you feel like you really control a spaceship and every command will affect you at the game in the future, so let’s talk about pixel starships tips and how to use pixel starships hack.

Simple Design, Great Game.

The design of pixel starships is a pixel design but yet it’s a very good game through the game play and commands, you will see different design for every character and item, the machines also have simple movement that proves they are working but yet they look very beautiful too, and also the effects of attacking other ships and defending your own ship is a very simple one.

For the design it’s a very simple one, but for the game play you will forget about the design and start think about the game strategy.

Your Ship, Your Construction.

Pixel starships when starts makes you decide your destiny and choose your ship, and after choosing it you will start to customize it, build rooms and items for it and make it ready to fly, inside the ship there will be mineral producer which will produce minerals that is necessary for building and upgrading the ship, and as you upgrade it you will get greater amount of minerals in little time, you can also use pixel starships cheats and get the amount you want for free and without waiting anytime.

You can also get the minerals through battles and missions and for winning battles and missions you have to upgrade your ship and make it the strongest one through the whole galaxy.



Real Battles.

Pixel starships has online mode that you will battle against real players in single missions or single battles, and through this you have to plan your strategy and make it well to defeat them and take minerals as a loot from them, and if you are defeated you will have to reconstruct your ship or repair it and this will make you wait amount of time till it’s ready again to fly through the galaxies, you can use pixel starships cheats and get the highest hit points for your ship and make it strong and don’t be defeated easily.

Control and Explore!

Through pixel starships play you will explore different planets and many planets will have different races and every planet has its own secrets and as you play you will explore those secrets.

Also as you play the game you will have control on all the parts of the ship and you will have to recruit your ship crew, and also you have to be diplomatic through the game play to get yourself into alliances with stronger commanders and rule the galaxy together.

Pixel Starships Hack.

Pixel starships has many limited items and difficult episodes, and the main limited item is the minerals and it’s very important through the game as it’s considered as your cash, so you can use pixel starships hack and get the maximum amount of minerals, money and gold, and also you will be able to make the upgrades before their time and get special items for free, also you can get the special packages for free and with no external purchases or any cost through the game.

This hack will disable the annoying ads for you and it’s completely safe and won’t affect the device performance.

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