The game is not that simple anymore, it is a very serious game as the missions pace will take you into a completely new dimension. Remembering that the heroes are coming from the famous series of PJ games, so you should find everything comfortable.

The game will start only to get better as you add the Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing cheats into your daily driving tests. It will unlock the full features of the game and grant you a complete package of powers.

Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing was created and published by “IZMIGames” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

We have faced some problems of the incompatibility by downloading this game, but we did not experience this problem because of the heavy graphics or something similar, it was mainly due to the poorly optimization.

The game is almost running with a very old graphics engine and there are no room for graphics or heavy tasking happening during the playing session. Using the Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing hack will only increase your chances of dominating the game challenges and becoming on the top of the leading board.

Quick Intro.

The starting first scene of the game does not include many options to play around with; they have decrease the number to make the game as simple as possible.

On the right side, you can see the instant play button followed by the hearts button and the ability to either disable or enable the game sounds. Reading our Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing guide will only let you have the full image about the game.

Unlock new Cars.

Selecting your player before entering the first mission is such an important move. At the first levels, you will not have many options to choose from, but as you advance, forward things will only get better and better by the time.

Following the Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing tips will have a huge impact on your player selection, but everything will come at a cost and we will try to reveal the fastest routes to earn coins so far.



Tons of Levels Available.

Every level you are completing will be added to your completed levels list and this will allow you to choose it from the levels list anytime.

You do not have to play the same level that you are stuck at repeatedly, that could be considered as a pro feature not a con at all.

On the next part, we will try to focus more on the controls, but if you are smart enough, then you would activate the Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing cheats to have your hands over the most advanced super cars available to have better controlling powers.

Simple Yet Smart UI.

Everything in the gameplay screen is very simple and you will find the exact needed buttons on the right locations without anything special or unique. On the left bottom corner, you can see the movement buttons either to move to the right side or the left side.

Jumping in the air and controlling the car height from the ground by the two buttons will play a vital role. Of course, you must collect as many coins as possible through your run in the game, but it will change according to the counter.

How to Collect Coins?

The road is not very simple and steady as you are expecting, you have to slow down at the right moments in order to maintain the car’s health.

Collecting coins whilst playing the game is the hardest part as you will end up being so greedy and stepping into a trap.

Keeping a limit on the speed will only help you to survive; trying repeatedly will not improve anything, as the map will keep on shuffling. Get the Pj vs Romeo Masks Racing hack to cover the coins issue.

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