A fascinating game that will be taking you into whole new dimension. Work on creating your own planet and by creating your own planet we mean that you will have to provide every single resource that the inhabitants will need, also consider using our A Planet of Mine hack, cheats, tips and guide service to unlock new packs.

A Planet of Mine was created by “Tuesday Quest” company and it is available in the Android and IOS stores.

Storyline and The Idea Behind the Game.

Touch to start the game at the main part, this planet is the perfect place to start a cologne, actually so as anything else at its beginning, you will be facing some struggles and problems to get started, but once you complete reading our review, we are pretty sure that you will eventually manage to understand the game concepts and have a bigger vision over the different parts of it. Follow the illustrated tutorial written over here to make sure that you are reaching your goal successfully.

But first let’s take a look over the game options and see which settings we could modify in order to improve the gaming quality as a whole, so check out the sound effects and music types as well, you can either enable or disable them with a single click so far.

Also the temperature unit could be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit or kelvin depending on the region you are living in, and that is all for the settings menu.

Several Packs Are Available for The Common Users.

Let’s take a walk as well in the shop and see what can we get by using your credit cards inside the game or follow the given illustrated ways to get them for free.

Let’s speak first about the science pack, it will come with powerful scientist and technologic species, you will be able to techno dominates, explore the solar system or create the ultimate science planet thanks to the 3 exclusive challenges. You will be able to select these species before launch a game or find them on planets during the game, and it will also allow you to enjoy all the available game modes inside.



Gather out The Right Material to Improve.

Time has come to learn the basics of the game, such as surviving, gathering materials, building necessary buildings, and reach a population of 6 inhabitants to complete the given tutorial.

First thing to do is to grab and assign the space chicken to gather wood in the forest, then select a ground then as trustee and finally assign an inhabitant to build, you should be aware that each cycle your population will be eating red balls, production should never end and shall be always at its peak to keep the alive for longer periods.

Speed Up the Time!

If you are running out of time and in a rush, then you can accelerate the time by rotating the planet into various circles, and this is a very smart feature by the game developers.

Starship is very important building at your planet, it is required to colonize planet by deposing one or two settlers, petrol is necessary to launch the space ship, quantity needed depends on the number of settlers, upgrading the spaceship increase settler capacity, so you can choose a certain destination to change exactly where your planet is.

We are not advising new players to mess around with it because this is a very sensitive feature that could change the entire nature at your planet.

General Instructions.

If you are looking to increase the number of workers at your planet, then there are several ways to do this mission, first thing you have to provide them with the necessary houses first, followed up with the right amount of food to keep them alive, but we can guarantee you a fast success with the help of our A Planet of Mine hack, cheats, tips and guide service, it will allow you to get access to new packs freely.



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