Pocket Build was created and published by”MoonBear LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

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Construct your own world and play around with every single pixel that is existing there. This game will give you the complete freedom to create whatever you want. You are given materials and once you are given the complete author to play around with those materials.

We tend to love such games that give you a space for your ideas to bring into the game. In addition, the Pocket Build cheats will make things much easier than you are expecting.

Welcome to Pocket Build

Let us show you now the basics of the game, and if you believe that you are on an advanced level, then you can skip the first three segments. However, we can assure you that, three will be many Pocket Build tips over here.

Okay, first let us teach you how to build.

  • Open the build menu and select the fence.
  • Now let’s just close up the fence and once we are done press on the check mark
  • Use the Pocket Build cheats to afford the different materials

There are several types of buildings and items to be used. However, we are speaking here about the majority of the gameplay contents.

So, let us help you understanding how to gather resources and cover up your spending is following very simple steps.

Press on the gathering icon and the fellow workers will start the gathering process. You can access it by pressing on the human body and then, go to the command center.

  • Auto mode: it will let the human work on his own desire depending on the location.
  • Explore: will not collect any resources and will simply search for new spots.
  • Stand Still: command your worker to stop working and wait for the next order
  • Self-Destruct: do not click on this option, unless you have excessively many workers on the field.
  • Find wood: the worker will automatically gather all the wood out there.
  • Find food: track down your food storage, and if you are running low, then use it.



How to Play?

Previously, we were talking about increasing your resources. In addition, we have to mention one important tip.

The Pocket Build cheats will work as a huge upgrade to your gaming experience. In addition, you might need to plant trees if you were looking for wood, or add corps to collect food from it.

Increase the worker numbers from the main building in the city. Do this only if you are running low on the labor.

The world you are living in was built in the 3D system. You can view it from various angles.

  • Use two fingers to swap down and up to change the camera angle.
  • Pinch with your two fingers to zoom in or zoom out.

Therefore, that was just the basics of the game to help you get started. There are many things to explore, build and discover in the game for the advanced players. Alternatively, the Pocket Build cheats could save you time and put right among those top and elite players.

Common Problems

If you are facing a problem with a large area of land and cannot make it, ready to start working on it. Then we would recommend for you 2 options.

The first one is to use the TNT barrels; the second option is to use the Pocket Build hack. Both options will do wonders and help you to improve and progress towards your plan.

Synchronize the world between your devices. Keep all your worlds backed up in the cloud system. You can do that by creating a new free account on the game servers. In addition, you will have an access to the online features and multiplayer as well. So creating the account is a must thing to do.

A quick reminder: the Pocket Build hack will not conflict with the cloud saving system.

From the options menu, you will find the tip slider. Drag the slider to the right side and select the amount you would love to donate with to the developers. In addition, three will be a changing reward for the donated amount.

The Pocket Build cheats will do the same thing in terms of the rewards, but you do not have to pay a single penny to anyone.




In the huge world of pocket build, there is not a specific task you have to do. You have the freedom to build anything you want.

Want to build a village? No problem.

Want to build a zoo? No, problem.

Want Unlimited Resources? Use Pocket Build hack!

In addition, here are the main resources that you are going to encounter in the game.

  • Wood: people chopping trees collect wood. Just place some trees with people nearby and they will eventually start chopping nearby trees. If they feel like it.
  • Food: people harvesting crops collect food. Just place some crops with people nearby and they will eventually start harvesting crops for food.
  • Gold is mined by goblins. You will need to place some gold piles and goblins will mine the gold pile if nearby. Be careful because these annoying goblins will also attack your people.
  • Pocket Build hack will provide you with all of the above with a single free click on the link above.

By reaching this point, we do believe that you are ready to move on and progress on your own, but there are still some few steps missing and we will try to put the spotlight over them.

Final Conclusion

You are given the freedom to control your world from A to Z. you can also create more than a single world, and customize the world settings. We are talking here about the date and time; you can switch between day and night via a single slider.

Change the grounds and tree locations, destroy the undesired buildings and jump into conclusions immediately.

Those are the main factors of the gameplay and there will be more if you started to use the Pocket Build cheats service.

Enter the building section and you will be surprised with the number of buildings that you can play around with.

The creators of the game have managed to add tons of items to be customized and they are still keeping the profile of the game at the highest stage. So, consider tipping them out to keep them motivated or give the game a decent rating at the store.

Remember to get Pocket Build hack to save your time and the workers time as well in the process of collecting the resources. So kindly, follow the given tips up above to ensure fast and easy success.

In addition, when it comes to the graphics part, we have to inform you, that the game will work on almost any device due to it’s customize graphics level. It is not very high nor very low, it is something in between.

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