Ever dreamed about creating your own hospital. Taking care about each small room inside there, this is going to be a very hard task that requires special skills and talents from your side. One single mistake and you are risking of getting someone killed. The Pocket Hospital cheats service will be always available for you to cover up the expansion expenses and any necessary upgrades you would like to apply to your hospital.

Remember Pocket Hospital is an online game, so having an active and stable internet connection are necessary requirements to get it started. Learn more by reading the following review.

Pocket Hospital was created and published by “BENJIE., LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform. The graphics are not very high but it is advised to have a decent CPU to get things operated successfully.

Choose between Playing in Asia or USA Regions.

Game begins by giving you the server selection freedom. And as we have been always advising our readers to pick up the servers which are closer to your region as much as possible, as it will reduce the latency and help you to become much more versatile. Reading our Pocket Hospital guide to its end is also a very recommended move.

Skipping out all the unnecessary introductions and let’s head directly into the gameplay and see how the game is looking from inside.

Welcome to Pocket Hospital!

Meet Nana as she is going to become your loyal assistant. She will be helping you to build the greatest hospital the world has ever seen. So let’s get started first, as you will need a reception. Tap on the building icon to open construction menu. Find it on the bottom right corner of the screen highlighted with a hammer.

Your patients first step in this hospital will be through this reception, and there must be a nurse around to get it running correctly. Following our Pocket Hospital tips would be more than enough to see your hospital rising and getting started in very few steps so far.



Construct New Facilities and Improve the Hospital Gradually.

Drag and drop the selected items and watch it getting constructed. It could be taking few minutes until it gets full constructed, but that is not the case as you can increase the process speed using Pocket Hospital cheats.

And now as you are in need for a nurse to work at the reception to deal with patients. Enter the recruiting icon and hire a new nurse. Check out the attributes before hiring one. Some nurses may have skills; they are able to handle specific facilities but everything will come at its cost. We will be speaking deeper about this part later on here.

Hire Talented Staff to Progress Faster.

Drag and drop the nurse as well to let her start working at her new facility. And now let’s continue to build a GP’s Office to diagnose your patients. And selecting the desired position to have the door at the building is something you are taking control of as well.

Try to make room for other facilities around and do not crowd them with the same directions of the doors as this will lead to a congestion in between the lanes at the hospital. And getting Pocket Hospital hack would help you to expand the hospital and make room for new facilities to serve more patients.

Final Points.

By reaching this point of the review I guess you are ready now to progress on your and only missing some few important instructions which will cover up the entire basics of the gameplay inside there. At first we have to remind you once more with Pocket Hospital hack and how it will be helping you to purchase new facilities and expand the patients type you are serving in your place.

Great now you need a doctor working in the GP`s Office, get him from the same place that you have gotten the nurse from. And this is enough to get the hospital running now.

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