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Pokemon Magikarp Jump was created and published by “The Pokemon Company” and they have released it through the Android and IOS stores freely.

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Enter the world of Magikarp or let’s call it Pokemons world, as you will fight your way right from the bottom to the top as you will be the Magikarp trainer in this new town, enjoy practicing and increasing your training skill level and compete with the best trainers from all over the world in once place, using the Pokemon Magikarp Jump cheats would ease up your mission and make it look much better and way improved, and also find the information that you are looking for right here at our Pokemon Magikarp Jump guide.

Walkthrough The Gameplay.

Right here we shall go through the game features and stages and while we are walking through it, we shall deliver out the specifications you would love to know and add to your information section, at the first you will get the opportunity of choosing the main language that you would love to play the game in and enjoy it, the game is coming in over than 10 different global languages and each one of them is very popular enough to find it close to your own native language, but as you are reading the following lines right now then this means that you can understand the English language and it will be the perfect fit for you.

But before you get deeper into the gameplay you have to agree on the different terms and usage rules, they do not have anything special so you can simply tap on Yes button down be wand proceed to the next stage.

If it is your first time playing please select new start, if you have a back data to load then consider using the load data option as it will bring back all your progression to the game without having to start all over again from the start once more.

As a new player you are supposed to enter the year and month in which you were born and they have added the birthdate verification because there are in game purchases so they must control it as kids could use it wrong behind their parents.



Jumping Points Is the Most Important Attribute Here.

Welcome to the world of magikarp jump, the name is karp, everyone calls the guy Mayor Karp though. he is in charge here in hoppy town, a magical place where everybody loves Magikarp!

everybody raises Magikarp around here, but I guess now you are wondering what the magikarp is and that is what you will be learning here right now, it is a fine jumper that is fore sure it can jump like nobody`s business ever!

sure it is famous for being weak and pathetic and utterly useless, yet it just keeps on jumping! yam got to admire that don you think so? that is why everyone love this plucky little pokemon around here, here in these parts folks love to compete to see who’s magikarp can jump higher than the other, in fact there are eight different leagues you can compete in. but we have not had a league champion come out of our own town since a long time and we been trying to win the league so hard but without any chance, even the Magikarp are beginning to lose their motivation now and we have to do anything that it takes to fire them back up again and get into the fighting track once more before it is too late, find valuable Pokemon Magikarp Jump tips around here.

Show Them Your Training Skills.

And now I guess you know exactly why you are here, you are good at training pokemon and your main mission is to train the towns pokemon and enter the champions league on behalf of this city and do your best to win the league.

They are betting that you could raise up a champion Magikarp and bring back their town`s pride once more from the hands of the enemies, they could really use a win around here, it would sure pick up our poor mericarp’s spirits!

So now do your best to raise up some fine Magikarp and go for the win in all eight leagues as possible, and do not forget how the Pokemon Magikarp Jump cheats will be there to provide aid and assistance to your side.



Fish Your First Magikarp.

Now, why do not you show them the MAgikarp of your own as they are expecting to see something special and unreal, but we both know the truth that you do not have any in your pocket at the moment, but the potential to have one is expected to there, use the old rods, as those are exactly the expert tools needed to fish up the mighty Magikarp, and once you fish up your first Magikarp successfully, there will be a detailed report of the attributes which you could add to your mind so you would know exactly what you are getting yourself into, but as a start, consider the Pokemon Magikarp Jump cheats solution to be able to purchase the strongest Magikarps ever.

Each Magikarp will have it is own level and keep in mind that it will vary from one to another, as each Magikarp will have a maximum level and the ones you will be getting at the start its maximum level is 11 only, also the pattern is changeable, but for not we are sticking with the standard pattern.

Improve Your Magikarps Skills with Pokemon Magikarp Jump Hack Right Away.

As a magikarp trainer you must Boost your jump power to win the league, the Jumper power is referred by JP letters is the main thing that you must be placing all your focus on in order to increase it, feed the Magikarp of your own by swiping over the food or tapping on it and your own Magikarp will eat it instantly without looking behind for a second, keep on feeding your Magikarp as this is one of the most effective ways of boosting the JP of it, getting Pokemon Magikarp Jump hack will make the feeding mission much easier but you will understand why later on.

Training is another way you can sharpie raise the JP significantly, so enter the training section and spend the training points that you have on your Magikarp, but do not forget that these training points have a limit but you should be focusing on getting as many points as possible, consider the Pokemon Magikarp Jump hack to get the necessary diamonds which could be used to purchase training points, do not forget to see the training result as this will help you to know if you are moving on the right track or not according to the game statics.


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