Finally, your favorite animation movie’s game has arrived to the smartphones community, you can now pick up the game and start playing right away by enjoying all the great Emojis and the perfect lines from the movie are combined together, use our POP FRENZY hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to see yourself enjoying all of the game features for free without having to go through the payment methods.

POP FRENZY was created and published by one of the greatest gaming giants “Sony Pictures Television” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform.

Cloud Saving Is Supported.

Let’s speak more about the login option that is available for you, this is actually should be considered as a great opportunity for you, use the Facebook account of yours and get it connected instantly with the game, so you might be wondering that this could be considered as a security preach, but that is not true at all. The game will not access any of your personal information and also will never post on your behalf without your permission. So let’s speak more about the benefits that you could receive if you have connected the Facebook account of yours with the game. The benefits are a lot, but the most important part is the idea of keeping your game saves away from any possible threat of losing them by losing your device or changing it, this is a feature that is called cloud saving and we are totally supporting it.




After completing this segment, you should be aware of the most basics of the gameplay and this will allow you to progress forward on your own. Let’s begin by giving you a quick overview of the game. This is a simple shooting and matching game, all you have to do is to match up the right emoji colors together in order to destroy them. But all of this must be done under the given time frame.

This might sound difficulty at the beginning, but wait until you meet the power ups and boosters. They will do you wonders, as you can see an entire line of emoji’s getting demolished instantly with a single hit, but let’s not rush things up and leave the power ups to its own private section.

Stay Alert!

In this game, what is going to separate you from other players is your awareness level and future planning, since you have to put an alternative plan for the future as the given emoji’s color may not serve you, and that is when you have to start thinking out of the box and try to destroy the lines which are not working with your given emoji’s.

Also remember that you can tap over the wheel and swap between the available emoji’s, you are given 4 at once and the color wise is still random, and you do not have any control over it. But you have to work with the given chances. Let’s remind you once more to keep an eye over the timer at the top of the screen, once it runs out, the challenge will be over.

Tons of Boosters and Super Abilities.

Now, the time has come to speak about the boosters and special abilities. The first thing we got here Is the super power, and it will take some time until it becomes available, as you have to charge it up for a while of time. Popping or dropping the right color bubbles will simply charge it up, you can see the super meter located on the bottom left corner as an icon of hand palm.

Once it is activated, it will simply cause chaos and complete destruction to the area that was affected with it, it doesn’t pay attention to the color similarity at all. It will just demolish the entire area. And if you are looking for further special abilities and help outside of the box, then the POP FRENZY hack, cheats, tips and guide shall become your new friends.


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