Popular Wars was created and published by “Lion Studios” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Gain more followers in a very limited period and try to strike your opponents by taking their followers into your circle. Use the Popular Wars cheats to remove the ads and enjoy the game without any limits or obstacles.

Get Started

We are planning to create a masterpiece set of Popular Wars tips for the new players and even the veterans. So, please stay tuned and read this article to its end.

We are starting with the options menu; it is the place where you can customize the game. We cannot promise you much from this menu, as you can only disable or enable the game sounds and music.

On the other hand, you can still remove all the annoying ads for money, and the freeway is by activating the Popular Wars cheats. Those are the only two options to remove the ads forever.

If you do not understand how annoying the ads are in this game, then you must experience it yourself. Once you are in the deep parts of the game and getting involved with all of that battle, the ad will show up out of nowhere and will disturb your concentration.

Choose Between Two Modes

The game is coming in two great modes, and the Popular Wars hack will remove the ads from both of them and improve the quality overall.

  • Classic: you are supposed to get as many followers as possible in 2 minutes period. This could look a very hard task to rank up among the top players, but it could be done easier by following the instructions here.
  • SOLO: playing on your own will require much more effort from you to achieve the goals. Your goal here is to get 100% followers on the map in 2 minutes frame.



Unlock New Fun Maps

There are several maps in the game and they are being crafted with quality. You can unlock them by completing the given tasks. Enter the maps section and read the requirements to unlock every map there and try to achieve it.

Mostly, unlocking maps will require from you to get a certain number of wins in the classic mode, there are other missions as well, but those are the most common ones.

There will be new updates coming to the game frequently that is why having a stable and active internet connection ready to download those new maps and game customizations.

In addition, if you are worried about the ads coming out of nowhere, then Popular Wars hack could help with unlocking the locked maps.

Several Customizations Available

Customizing your character is taking a new turn here. You are controlling three parts of the characters.

  • The face can be changed with different impressions. I have loved the facial expressions on the characters.
  • Changing the color of your own circle to the favorite one, you prefer. There are several colors available.
  • The customer is the last thing; you can find several colors available but not real textures and details to play around with. It will remain in the default costume but with different colors. Maybe with the Popular Wars cheats, you can in the future unlock the remaining cutes.

How to Play?

Getting used to this type of gameplay is not a big deal; you will only take few minutes until you cover all the different parts of the gameplay.

Move your fingers anywhere on the screen towards your preferred direction and the character will start moving.

The circle will keep on getting bigger and bigger as you get more followers. You must use the Popular Wars hack for optimum advantages and to beat the other opponents.

Your enemies will grow up as well, but you have to be faster and know exactly when to strike your opponent and when to run away.



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