A very innovative RPG that will take you into a whole new journey full of challenges and battles. You can also enjoy the great boss fights and enter events to unleash the powers you have obtained through the Portal Knights cheats and show them who has the upper hand in this world.

Portal Knights was created and published by “505 Games Srl” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

By the time we have reviewed the game, it was still in the preregister phase so the requirements are not that clear. But we can tell you that the game is not that high in terms of graphics quality, so it would run smoothly on almost every old flagship device.

Storyline and A Quick Intro.

Seller, a peaceful little village in the kingdom of Darrin… there is a youth named cloud who dreams of a knight of the kingdom, and a good friend Erega who is always next to him. There is a sacred fruit on the altar inside the town of seller, which has been preserved long before, and protects the village with divine power.

Fruit with the powerful magic that gods used to eat. We’re not at the level that mere human could afford.

The enormous power of the fruit caused the Erega to go berserk, destroying the village with magic and then disappeared. Now cloud is chasing the whereabouts of the Erega.

We heading right into the Portal Knights guide, where we will be talking mainly about the main components of the gameplay.

This is an idle game, in other words. You will not be interfering with anything happening on the battle screen, mainly upgrading and helping your warriors on the field to get better over the time. The only interference on the main fight on the battle combat is opening chests. They will give you some extra rewards to keep you getting stronger.



How to Play?

After eliminating the threats on the battlefield, you will receive coins and rewards, they are used mainly in upgrading your powers. Of course there are several ways to obtain coins and gems in the game. The Portal Knights cheats is the most trusted and reliable source for coins in the game.

It will save you a lot of money and prevent you from visiting the game shop and purchase the coins with real money.

Check out your quest log continuously to know the latest changes getting updated. You may complete the mission instantly without having to go through the effort and struggle known to everyone. The Portal Knights cheats will complete the quest automatically and get it done via an instant tap.

Do not forget to receive your daily bonus for logging to the game. This reward system is a very great idea to keep you hooked up with the game and play it continuously none stop. So even if you are not even playing the game that much, do not ignore the reward or forget to open the game to claim it up. Find more innovative Portal Knights tips by scrolling down on this review.

Utilize Your Skills for Faster Progression.

Each skill of yours will have a cost of upgrading and the higher it gets in the level; your skills will start to cost more than ordinary. Maybe this could be the right moment for you enable the Portal Knights cheats service and start upgrading your skills to reach their maximum potential and deal a massive amount of damage.

Some skills will only be available once you complete or upgrade the previous ones to a certain state. This is how the skills tree is working. Also the auto quest system will cost more diamonds for each time it has been used.

Put your hands over the Portal Knights hack as well to cover the huge cost of auto completing the given quests. And this is a very effective way but we are recommending you to only use it at the critical cases, as it will kill the fun part behind the main storyline.

Hire new mercenaries into your team to see new powers which will grant you massive amount of energy. This will your main focus of gaining strength from this moment and on. Right in the next segment we will be speaking more in depth about the possibilities and different methods to understand this pros and cons of each mercenary.



Hire New Talented Mercenaries.

As a player, you will have a certain amount of slots to enable the mercenaries in your team. Totally depending on many factors but the main one is the level and the stage you have reached. It will start to see some changes and improvements by stage 5.

At stage 5, you will have about 8 slots for the mercenaries and this means you are having empty 4 slots for free usage. You will have the right powers to hire them into the first team.

Enter the mercenary’s menu and take a look over the available ones and their cost of course. The stronger the mercenary will have higher stars rating. But some of them will have higher attack powers and lower health points. Obtain the strongest mercenaries available in the market via Portal Knights hack.

And one more thing to close the mercenaries thread for good is the levels of the mercenaries. Their levels will follow a little bit different path than the other skill’s path. It might take days to become available for the next upgrade in the levels department.

Improve Your Equipment’s Quality for Higher Score Rate.

One major part you should be focusing the powers of Portal Knights hack into is the equipment section. Right there you can start acquiring new gears from the boxes you opening and start giving them to your mercenaries.

This will boost up their powers as well and make you unstoppable no matter what happens. Consider paying a regular visit to this location and check the latest items you have received to add into your mercenaries list.

If you ever felt that the challenges you are entering are not up to your expectations, then the dungeons will come to service and work for your favor. Right there will be some advanced dungeons which are suiting the high leveled players.

The rewards from these dungeons are huge, of course not compared with the Portal Knights hack generation system but still will be high enough for your needs. And once you enter a new dungeon, everything will change on the battle screen, including the UI.

Last but not least is the settings menu and its main components. The game is giving you the freedom to enable or disable the game sounds and that is in case you ever wanted to listen to your own favorite playlist whilst playing or preferring to play in complete silence. We have noticed nothing special once we have muted the sounds, they are not that pleasing to the ears.

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  1. […] To wrap things up is the settings menu and its principal sections. The delight is giving you the adaptability to engage or incapacitate the redirection sounds and that is if you anytime expected to tune in to your own particular most adored playlist while playing or jumping at the chance to play in whole quiet. We have seen nothing one of a kind once we have calmed the sounds, they are not that delightful to the ears. All our reviews and content have been tested and written by the Real Gamers forum, Here is the main post for Portal Knights Cheats, Hack, Guide and Tips. […]


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