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This is a simple RPG for those looking for a game that they can access anytime they want on to go, so we would recommend it for the light players not the hardcore ones, but still even you were one of the big fans of the RPG`s games you will still like and enjoy this game and find it an interesting experience, just make sure you are using the Postknight cheats to be covering all the need for the gem at the game to be able to purchase new gears etc…

The game was created and published by “Kurechii” company and it is available for download on the Android or IOS platform`s stores.


Complete Your First Mission to Become a Knight Officially!

Greetings, please enter your hero name and remember if you cannot think of any unique name the game offers you the ability to use the dice and generate a random name, but it is always better to choose your own nickname.

Now you will be given your first task ever at the game from captain Cassandra, and once you complete it successfully you will be officially knighted! Prepare yourself to enter the Floret lane number 1, and do whatever you can in order to be able to pass it with the lowest casualties, keep reading the Postknight guide and you shall not ever be stuck at any part of the game.

Quick Tour Over the Game UI.

And now the game has just started so let’s give you a brief about the UI and how to use the different settings inside the game with details.

At the bottom side of the screen you will be able to see a tracker of your progression at the mission, as it will indicate how far are you from reaching the end and completing it successfully. Also you will be able to find the level of your character as an icon located right next to the name of the hero. And about using special skills we will come back later to the special abilities in the game with details and cover it, but for now just make sure you are using the Postknight cheats.

Awesome Rewards at The End of Each Mission.

At the end of each mission you are entering, you will get the chance of receiving awesome rewards such as coins and items that can increase your stats at the game, and you will also be receiving a rating for the performance you have already done at the mission.

But the most important thing is the experience points, as they will get your character to start advancing from one level to another, so make sure you are soaking all the experience points in the given missions.

As You Advance in Levels Your Need for The Gems Will Increase, Start Using Postknight Hack for Such a Reason.

As you advance up in the level, you are having the ability of unlocking many other features in the game, and you will also have an access to strong gears and equipment, but you will need the right amount of gems to be able to purchase them, but no worries at all!

The amazing Postknight hack is here to provide you with the needed gems in such situations freely without any extra charges to be applied to your account, so start obtaining it and improve or upgrade your current gears to become invincible in very less time.

Increase Your Character`s Stats Carefully.

Each time you are leveling up, you will also receive something that is really important, it is the stats points, you can use them to upgrade your character states depending on the playstyle of yours, you are actually shaping your character to become the future hero of the kingdom so reading the articles we are providing about the game, shall give you exactly the required Postknight tips to know which stats would worth your time and points at the game.

Increase the strength if you are looking for melee fights and combats, the agility shall be also there since it will provide you with high armor and fast pace.


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