An interesting arcade game, that will be taking you through a very challenging quest of running your own potion shop. We are speaking here about creating the potions and mixing the colors and contents together to come up with a brand new potion that could do magical things.

There is a big room for freedom and innovation, and that is exactly what is making the game unique and reserving a place on the top ranking. Learn to handle the different types of customers, that is an art you should be maxing out during the playtime. And to enjoy the full features for free, consider getting the Potion Punch cheats. Learn more about it later on here.

Potion Punch was created and published by “Monstronauts Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform out there.

When it comes to the device specifications, we have to remind our readers that the game is not asking for anything special. It is considered to be a low end game, that has no focus by any means on the graphics department and it has the main focus on the gameplay principles and the smallest details that forge the gameplay as a whole.

Why Should You Log in using Facebook?

Before we get any deeper into the gameplay. We have to remind you with the importance of login with the Facebook account of yours to the game. this is a vital thing as the game progressing files will usually be stored on your device, which means there is a very high risk of losing it by uninstalling the game or changing the device.

That is when the Facebook log in feature comes to the light, it will ensure that all your data files are safe and also there is a chance for you to compete globally with your friends.

Check out the leaderboard list to track out your friend’s progression and show them who is the best by following and reading every single advice in our Potion Punch guide so far. maybe even sharing your latest progression could increase the heat of the challenge and make it much better.

Overall, if you are worried about exposing your privacy or seeing the game sharing anything on your behalf through your account. Then this worry needs to end. They will never get the permission to share anything or act on your account without asking you first.



Perfect Optimization.

This part will be mainly related to the settings and explaining how to optimize the game to match up your needs perfectly. It is recommended from you to follow everything following Potion Punch tips we are mentioning here to reach the maximum moment level.

The game is coming in several languages, and of course the English language is included. Actually it is the default language for the game, and if by mistake you have changed the language to something you cannot read and felt like you are lost. Press on the reset data button and everything will get back to the start.

Do not worry, this function will not remove the gems you have obtained from Potion Punch cheats by any known way.

You are having the complete freedom to enable or disable the game music and sounds. There is also that very unique and rare feature which was created especially for the color blind people. Many companies just skip or ignore this feature but let’s thank the developers for adding it to the game.

If you were in a middle of potion creation process and wanted to remind yourself with the recipe, then visiting the settings menu and accessing the recipes menu will show you all the require materials to create the different types of potions. So gather the required material with help of Potion Punch cheats.

Gameplay in Depth and A Look Over the Different Recipes.

Moving right towards the gameplay. But a small thing needs to be done at first, grant the game some permissions to access the device storage to ensure your progress is properly saved. They will never misuse or give anyone else access to your personal data. For more details, please read their full privacy police, but we have read it and we can assure you there is nothing suspicious. And do not forget about the Potion Punch cheats by any means.

At the start of the game, there will be mainly some unique pictures more like an introduction to the storyline. An old magician doing some magical recipe but something has happened and he became so small.

But an unknown man has come into the house and stole the recipe bottle and now he has the power to minimize anyone. Now the old man needs your help to bring back his potion shop to life and try to save as many people as possible. You also need the help of Potion Punch hack to complete this task, but that is not the main interest point.




Do Not Make Them Wait!

You need to react quickly to your customers, some of them may not be patient enough and would simply abandon the shop because you are way too late. So keep practicing on creating several types of potions at your shop, even when they are not here.

Here are the instructions to create a red potion. Drag an empty cup to the red dispenser to fill it with the essence of might. Wait until the cup is filled. Drag it back to the squire’s empty bottle to create a minor red potion.

Do not forget to collect your money after serving the customers. Even the Potion Punch hack will make you very rich in no time, you also need to enjoy the game features and live the experience.

At the start of the game, there will be only three colors available to create potions from. As you progress forward, there will be new types of potions and some harder tasks. But we are teaching you mainly the basics of the game so you would become fully aware of it in no time.

Learn How to Create Mixed Out Potions!

Some brave knights will ask from you some new and weird potions. Specially the orange one as the first step of the complicated orders, you can create it by mixing two essences together.

DO the orange color by adding the red essence into the yellow. And wait until it is fully filled and now you will have some great orange colored cup to offer for your customer. And with Potion Punch hack, you are going to have a fortune and progress faster through the career mode like never before.

Remember, you cannot mix essences that are already in your customer’s bottle. If you make a mistake, you can drag cups and bottles to the wash bin to clean them and start over from the beginning.

Keep serving the customers until the day ends, this is how a single mission is going to look like from now on. maybe you are going to need Potion Punch hack to be able to reach the end of the day with a bank full of coins and tons of satisfied customers.

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