The famous power rangers TV series has arrived in its game form and the challenge in general is similar to many things we have seen in the series so far. There are several challenges waiting for you ahead and the Power Rangers Dino Charge cheats will enhance this system.

You will not face any troubles learning the controls in the game and the main basics of the game. Scroll down to learn more…

Power Rangers Dino Charge was created and published by “StoryToys” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Pretty much, average graphics quality that will allow the game to run smoothly on almost any device, we are speaking about the apple products and android ones. In addition, the Power Rangers Dino Charge hack will grant you an extra ability to unlock the full set of features in the game so far.

Quick Intro.

We are starting with the first chapter at the game so far, remember that there are over 50 chapters but at the Power Rangers Dino Chargeguide, we will only stick to the chapters that will teach you the main basics of the gameplay without diving into the advanced instructions.

The game sequence is following a decent combination by adding a small story and narrating it to you and getting you ready for the challenge to understand exactly what you are about to face. This is a very good system that we have enjoyed and would love to see more games following the same path.


The controls of the game are mixed in between four buttons. The sword attacks and this deals decent damage but you have to be close enough to execute it and on the other hand, you can attack using your guns for a ranged attack.

In addition, at the end will come the melee attacks and the right technique to see it happening.The circles of the attack will start to get tighter and tighter as the time passes and you have to find the right moment to tap on the circle to unleash the attack. Find techniques that are more interesting by reading our Power Rangers Dino Charge tips list.



How to Survive?

The enemy will not show you any mercy and will go on you with full power. You have to be prepared for this attack and take your cautions to survive at any cost. The Power Rangers Dino Charge hack will help you with purchasing the gears free and upgrading the characters. However, it has nothing to do with your skill level and the ability to execute the attacking skills during the battle phase; you will be on your own!

Retrieve Your Energy!

Once you are attacked and lose your health points, then it would be a smart idea to retrieve back all the lost health points by tapping on the glowing balls above your character.

These will restore the lost energy points, and tap on the ground as fast as possible to unleash the lower kick. Swiping quickly on the same direction as the arrows shown will unleash the sabre attack.

The sabre is very smart weapon and if you have mastered it out, then the results will be promising and will pay off eventually.


The blaster attack is the last technique we have here, activating it will require a very fast movement and tapping on the screen. There will be red dots containing bullets, you have to tap repeatedly on them and unleash the power attacks on it.

Increase your powers and see yourself competing among the top tier players using the Power Rangers Dino Charge cheats, this is how the elite play the game and you must see yourself among them.

The game is pretty much decent and smart on every prospect and we would recommend it for the new players to enjoy it.

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