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Get yourself ready for a new challenging game, that will take you into a much improved mechanism. Everything is more like a realistic simulation. So playing the game would require some special techniques and skills from your side in order to accomplish it and score higher points.

Enjoy playing with tons of different vehicles. And you will always live the adventure of unlocking new ones and upgrading the current ones you have. Get the Prime Peaks cheats into the service as it will grant you a full access to every single locked feature.

The gems you will be getting from the game will help you to purchase new items and upgrade your performance specially. So we are pretty sure you will enjoy the game and it will become the number one all time played game in almost no time.

Prime Peaks was created and published by “A25 Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platforms.

This is an advanced version of the famous hill climbing games but this one has a much improved graphics and gameplay mechanism. If you have a regular device that has been running for long time, I guess you will encounter some troubles running the game smoothly.

Right into The Gameplay.

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly into the gameplay controls. As this is going to become your main source of information. Reading our Prime Peaks guide will not only help you to understand the mechanism of the game. it will also allow you to become fully aware of the game secret tactics and mechanism.

On the both sides of the game, you will find the two main controlling buttons. On the bottom left corner you can find the decelerate button. It will work more like a braking system, and it is working as well as a tilting forward function.

You need to keep control on the vehicle as much as you can. Never let the car go out of your control, always know when to accelerate forward and when not to step up the game. this is actually going to depend on many factors. Main part of them is to become fully aware of the nature of the road. Understanding when a turn is going to come up and when the hill become steady as hell.



Game Controls.

We are trying to provide several important Prime Peaks tips for the new players. And there will be also a certain section for the advanced players as well. This is not an ideal solution to depend on. as you should be also having a decent knowledge of the basics and fundamentals of the game so far.

Take a look over the right side of the screen, as you can increase the acceleration speed of your car. And it will also work as a tilting backwards function. The technique is every important when you are in the air. You have to know when and how to land properly with the vehicle, get the latest improvements of the car using Prime Peaks cheats.

Having an advanced and improved vehicle will allow you to get the highest tech you could possibly achieve in the game so far. You can say good bye to the improper landing also the brakes system will see a huge improvement as well.

You need to become flexible and know how to handle the weight of the car when you are in the air so far. and that is easily achievable with a new car and latest upgrades as well, using Prime Peaks cheats is the ideal fix for such a situation.

Very Simple UI.

There is nothing special or strange when it comes to the game UI. On the road to the end of the race, you will get to encounter special coins and you have to collect as many as you can. This is going to become the main points that will indicate your performance.

Get the Prime Peaks cheats to unlock these new fancy cars which will allow you to do some new tricks and score highest score possible. Let’s not ignore the fact, that you can enter a challenge against your friends, so this is going to become very thrilling as you have to show them who has the upper hand.

Do whatever you can in order to secure yourself a spot on the top ranking table safely. Speaking about friends, you should know exactly how to get matched up with a friend in the game.

First, log in with your Facebook account to see your friends’ progress. And there will be also a reward waiting for you, it is consisting of 50 gems for connecting only. And each friend that will accept your invitation to the game will also grant you a bonus. Of course the Prime Peaks hack could work as an alternative source for the gems, but there is no harm to get gems from inviting your friends to the game.



Several Languages and Options to Choose from.

A quick look over the settings menu would be a smart thing to do before you start racing right away. Game is supporting over different 12 global languages. Feel free to pick up the language you would play the game with comfort in.

Enabling the ghost and shadows is something optional as well. If you are planning to save the device battery and keep playing the game for longer periods with Prime Peaks hack, then disabling them could be a smart thing to do at this case.

Changing the controlling locations is optional as well. Whether you prefer to find the acceleration button on the right or the left, this is totally going back to you and are having complete freedom to manage it through the settings menu as well.

Last but not least thing we got here is the game music and sounds. You can simply switch them off or on with an instant tap over their icons from the menu as well.

Many Surprises Are Waiting for You.

Never forget to receive your daily reward, it is called a daily reward but it is not particular daily. As you can receive this 3 gems reward every 4 hours. Maybe enabling the notifications of the game could be a smart thing to do, it will remind you to collect it once it becomes available. But with Prime Peaks hack, these 3 gems would literally mean nothing to the amount of gems you will be receiving from Prime Peaks hack so far.

Always keep your eyes over the fuel bar, because your car could easily stop moving at the middle of the track due to running out of fuels. So collecting the fuel gallons on your way to the finish line is such a crucial thing. They will be shown in the red color and will fill up the fuel tank by a certain percentage for each one you picking up.

Pick them up by moving over them and do not dodge them at any case or it will mean your annihilation and end of the challenge.

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