Pro Series Drag Racing was created and published by “battle Creek Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Pro Series Drag Racing is well known for its realistic and engaging drag racing experience. They have managed to implement all the realism features into one place. We are talking here about tuning and modifying the different parts of your drag car.

The online career mode is something extraordinary in this game. It is offering a very competitive environment…imagine having all of these features in one multiplayer online challenging game.

Pro Series Drag Racing cheats will cover up all your upgrading cost and make the life much easier for you inside. Do not forget to scroll down to learn more in this regard…

Choose Your Home Territory

There are various options available for you to choose from. Here is a list with the available territories…

  • West
  • North
  • South
  • East

They all are located in North America, so you should be expecting some real roads implemented from the live scenes. Expect to receive a one spin token for free, after selecting a territory. You can always get any number of tokens via Pro Series Drag Racing cheats or Pro Series Drag Racing hack, but we are just informing you with the slightest details.

It would be the right time to purchase a car. The game will grant you $25,000 to start, which is enough for a car and some mods. The perfect place to obtain your car from is the dealership. This is the only place, where you can get cars for cash.

Since this is your first time at the dealership, then you will be only given the ability to see the cars that you can purchase. Which means, the cars out of your reach will be hidden for now. And on your next visit, you can check all types of cars freely, without having to worry at all.

Each car will come with its own attribute system. In order to learn the indicator behind each car, you will need to read the next segment carefully.

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Purchasing your first car will determine a lot about your career and racing style. It is a very important part as each car will come with its own pros and cons. We are speaking here about the performance on the track, not just figures and random numbers.

You do not have to worry about the cost of any cars, as long as you are using Pro Series Drag Racing cheats or Pro Series Drag Racing hack, you should be more than fine.

They have managed to put a detailed report about each car to sum up all the complicated figures in just four main bars. We have decided to explain these bars for you as a reader to have a better view over each car…

  • Power: this is how the car will respond to your press on acceleration pedal. It will reach certain speeds according to its power limit.
  • Weight: if your car is light, then it will have easier maneuvering and can reach higher speeds easily, but it could go on wrong direction if you are taking turns.
  • Grip: it is related mainly to your control over your car on the asphalt.
  • Strength: how you will get up from the zero to hero on the car. It is the consumed time to take head start



How To Get licensed?

There are two main types of currencies in-game “gold” and “dollars”, you can use both to purchase regular items but some special items will require from you to have Gold.

Now you have got the car, this means that the race time has come and you have to prove yourself on the track. Tap on the race button to take you through the race map. Before starting your career you have to pass the first licensing test. However, you can read this part to know the exact instructions to pass it successfully.

  • After passing this licensing test you will be cleared to race in the street class and will have access to compete in and complete the street class championship.

Licensing test has three goals:

  • Learn how to drive a street car
  • Finish under 12.5 seconds
  • Beat your opponent.

Now, you are aware of the main points related to the game features and how it operates, it would be wise to learn the controls on the next segment. Keep in your mind that the Pro Series Drag Racing hack will grant you an access to the most advanced cars on the scene.

How to Drag?

The animations inside the game are not the fanciest thing on the market. However, they have managed to make it look realistic as possible in terms of viewing angels and effects.

Your car is in the middle, lowered down you can find RPM gauge, Gear counter and tire temp. On the right bottom corner you can find your gas pedal and shift pedal. Hold it until your tire temp is in the upper green.

There are ideal startups, regular ones, and terrible ones. The green meter is an indicator on the perfect start up for a dragger.

Once your tires are prepared in terms of heat, you will be moved towards the pre stage. Now tap the gas pedal to stage your car, this will signal that you are ready to race.

This light incites you are fully staged and read to race. Hold down the launch button to execute a quick start up for your car.

If you are facing troubles winning races and feeling that you are being left out, then the Pro Series Drag Racing cheats or Pro Series Drag Racing hack will cover up the upgrade cost.

You must know exactly when to shift the gear. This could be done perfectly by tracking your RPM gauge…it is split into three lights

  • Grey color: this is too really not recommended
  • Green color: this is the ideal time to shift the gear
  • Red color: this is too late, and you have to hurry up

Shifting gears at the right time, will secure you an easily achieving to the maximum speed and getting the best out of your car.

Purchase the Fastest Cars with Pro Series Drag Racing Cheats

There are several great features in the game, which will become available for you as you advance forward. However, we will give you a quick look over these features to know exactly what you will be dealing with.

There is an option to host a server and invite your friends and challenge each other in drag racing. We have enjoyed playing this mode so much, as we were using Pro Series Drag Racing cheats and Pro Series Drag Racing hack, so we had the upper hand on the drag racing in terms of powers.

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