Only download this game if you are fascinated about the idea of adopting a pet and giving it the complete care that it would be required from you to see it happy and grow bigger. But this time it will be only a virtual pet so nothing is going to be different.

This game is unique due to the many features it gets to offer for everyone. So maybe with new updates and improvements, it would be reaching the #1 on the market when it comes to pets. At our review here, we will be speaking more in depth about the game features and explain the tricks inside. For now, make sure you are putting your hands on the Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog cheats to make your dreams come true.

Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog was created and published by “Frojo Apps” company and it is available for you to download and play it on any Android or IOS platform.

We cannot mention any special requirements are needed to run the game smooth, so download it and enjoy!

Quick Intro.

Game begins by asking you to scratch over an old box, and suddenly a pet will appear right from inside it. And that is when you will be supposed to give it a decent name that fits the character.

This is going to become everything of your day on the mobile, so choose the name wisely and do not forget. No swearing or special characters are allowed.

Take care of Your Dog Hygiene for Better Looking Dog.

Reading our detailed Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog guide will help you to understand the gameplay faster, which means you do not have to go through the boring tutorial. Also you are learning some advanced techniques which only the pros know about them so far.

When your dog gets dirty, do not hesitate to pick up the brush over and drag it all over the dog’ body to clean it up. As you can see the dog is covered in bubbles, then it is time to drag over the water tap and let water rinse it out.



Prepare Meals for Your Cute Dog.

Now as we have taken care of the dog hygiene, the time has come to feed it. Follow the same instructions above, drag the food right into the pet’ mouth and it will start eating automatically. Sometimes you would want to wait few moments between meals. Give him time digest it is recommended.

If you have an internet connection whilst playing the game, there will be annoying ads appearing right at the top side of the screen always and it will interrupt your gameplay. Removing them with Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog cheats could happen instantly.

Turn Off the Lights as The Night Time Comes.

Send the dog to sleep by turning off the lights. You can see the dreams appearing right above it. If you actually care so much about it, then try to make its dreams to come to the reality when it wakes up.

We are speaking about a walk in the street and meeting new dogs out there. these are not impossible dreams at all. With Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog hack and some help from your side, they would come to the reality instantly.

On the next segment, we will take the upgrading and improvement part under the scope.

Modify Your Dog’ World.

Customizing the world of your dog is such a crazy thing. As the game is giving you the complete freedom to modify every small part of the house.

Change the colors of the walls and even the carpet that the dog is standing on. but everything will cost you coins and there is a minimum amount of levels to be reached in order to be able to use these upgraded items. You can use the Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog hack to be able to afford such an improvement.

When it comes to leveling up, you will have to handle this on your own actually. We can recommend this game for light gamers. Also do not forget to follow our Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog tips.

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