This game is considered one of the greatest time killings games at the current market, but it is lacking several features. Very low missions variety and the sequence of events at the sliding track are repetitive over the time.

You have to get the premium version of the game to see the real beauty behind it and that is why the Pukk cheats is necessary have item!

Pukk was created and published by “” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Customize Your First Character.

The game will be taking you right through the customization of your character. There are several options to play out with but at the starting phase, there are not many options available for you at the current moment.

Learn how to get the fully features of the game unlocked by reading the Pukk guide. One of the most trusted teams at our website created this; we will save you the time and effort going through new experiments.

Right next here, we will be giving you the full instructions you would need to keep going forward through the gameplay parts.

Gameplay in Depth.

The gameplay is unique in such game; you are focusing mainly on playing on the sideways. Each time you will be tapping on the movement button, the character will keep jumping on the side ways.

Each mission will be shown right at the beginning of the challenge and you have to keep your speed at the top level and never look behind. One single mistake will simply cause you to lose the entire challenge and begin from the start once more. Following our Pukk tips could be considered as a good idea from now on.



How to Maintain the Speed?

Your character speed will be determining a lot of things, but more importantly the timing of your taps and when you are going to exactly unleash your next attack on a target. We prefer to call it an attack even though we know it has nothing to do with the attacks.

If the block you are about to clash into is pretty much high and will prevent you from doing any further movements, then this will mean you are about to lose all what you have done and the bear will eventually catch you. However, you can enhance your surviving chances somehow with the Pukk cheats.

You can learn more about this service later on here but we are not planning to make it as the highest priority in the game.

How to Play?

Smashing sideways will help you to maintain the speed. Going right from front area of any block will stop your progression and drop you down dead.

After each mission, you are completing or we can call it a run since the missions are not the main affecting factor of the gameplay. It is working via the milestones system and how you are going to give in each single run.

We do believe, since you are reading a review that your aim will be focusing on writing your name right on the top of the leaderboard, and that is why e have prepared the Pukk hack for you.


The most valuable currency in the game is the coins. However, they are easily obtainable through Pukk hack, but you still have to work to learn how to use these coins on the right direction.

Enter the settings menu if you are facing some troubles with the game language and cannot understand it. This will save you the time and effort at the same time.

On the other hand, the music and sound effects are playing a very important role. In addition, of course, if you have done and purchases previously before you get to know more about the game, you may refund them through the settings menu as well.

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