Puzzle Combat was created and published by “Small Giant Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

A very serious RPG from the makers of Empires & Puzzles game. Create your own army of heroes and lead them through a very interesting journey full of challenges.

Puzzle Combat cheats will be always there to back you up at the battles by providing the latest heroes to your team.

Get Started

The falcon force is on a top secret mission at the grand dam. The team is finally here. Now you must find the secret plans!

With these plans, you can secure freedom for the people at this isolated place. However, things will get out of control, someone has spotted you and you must fight your way out at any cost.

The Puzzle Combat review will take you through a very smart journey to explain the game basics and the most advanced techniques you need to learn in order to progress further to the furthest points.


This is game is a little bit different from the other puzzle games. It is bringing a story path to be followed and a mission to achieve.

Your main characters will be there at the bottom side of the screen and the opponents on the top. So you are not only matching puzzle items together, now you are matching for a goal and purpose, you must do whatever you can to save your team and eliminate the enemies.

  • Getting prepared for the best battles will not require from you learning just the basics, you will need more than that. That is what the Puzzle Combat hack will offer to you.

The better your matching is, the higher the damage you will deal to your enemies. Therefore, your goal is to get as many items matched together as possible.

How To Play?

Winning your first battle will take you towards a bigger one, the challenge level will keep on increasing continuously and that is something we have loved about the game.

  • The puzzle colors are three: Blue, Green, and Red.

Each color will refer to your fighters. Each one has his own attacking style and can be activated by matching a certain number of items.

You need to focus on a certain color to keep charging your hero and move it into the activation phase. The boss fights are not a joke to mess around with. That is why the Puzzle Combat hack could offer you the help you desire.

Advanced Tips

We have spoken earlier about the importance of matching tiles together, but now we will speak about the same process but in more advanced technique.

The items need to be matched in certain shapes to deal much higher damage to your enemies, and the better you are getting with the shapes, the faster you will proceed.

  • The 2×2 shapes will create a bomb. This bomb will destroy all the surrounding 3×3 squares and go ahead for a lethal attack.
  • Matching a line of seven items together, will create a dynamite. It will destroy all the items of the same color on the board.

You can upgrade your fighters with the Puzzle Combat hack, so they would survive for longer time taking damage from the boss fights.

Upgrade Your Military Base Using The Help Of Puzzle Combat Cheats!

You are given the freedom to pick the profile icon of your character. There will be more like six icons to choose from.

The military base should become your HQ. This place is awesome. At least it will be once you have it up and running with the Puzzle Combat cheats hand.

You will need the Metal to expand. The resources are very important at this part of the game, but you have to find your way through the regular missions. That is what you get from winning battles, the resources.

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