Love puzzles and fights? Well now they are mixed in one game at puzzle fighter by “CAPCOM CO.”, the game is defined as puzzle game and it’s available on both android and IOS devices, the game is about a fight and as you solve the puzzle you give the power to your character so he can hit the opponent and win, through the game you will fight with your customized character or even by a legendary fighter with special powers, and you will fight real players through real time battles, so let’s talk about puzzle fighter tips and how to enjoy the game with the puzzle fighter hack.

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Special Design.

“Capcom” have made the design of the game through it’s thrilling characters and you will like the design of them as they are very cool and beautiful, you will like also the background of the game and its effects, you will see the fire flames dancing, flying leaves from trees and the snow fall and also the effects from the buildings when they are available at the game, the design of the puzzle is simple and not complicated and the arrangement of the screen is very well as you will see the fight up the screen and the puzzle at the lower part of it, and that will allow you to enjoy the fight and play the puzzle at the same time.

Many Characters.

Through the game there is many characters to choose from them, and every character has its own abilities and skills, you can upgrade the character as you play and get rewards, or you can use the puzzle fighter cheats and get all the character upgrades, be sure to have more than a character as if you lost a battle your fighter will need time to heal and be able to fight again, also if you lost a battle you will lose some coins and gems, and also as you play you can customize your characters through dozens of costumes and colors and make your characters look unique than others characters.



Online is Better.

As you play the game you will need to be online to play live events where through them you will get new unique costumes, characters and stages when you win the battles through live events, also you can get special rewards when you win battles in this mode and get special upgrades for your characters, and through being online you can fight your friends and show them who is the boss, and enjoy funny times together.

Play and Collect.

As you play the game more you will collect more rewards, and also there is more than the usual fights and online battles, as in the daily missions you will get cool prizes when you get them, and also as you login daily you will get a daily prize and you can use it to do the upgrades for your characters or customizing them, and if the coins and gems are not enough for the purchase you can use puzzle fighter cheats and get all of the upgrades for free and with no cost of your coins, and you can also increase your coins to the maximum amount.

Fight and Hack.

As you play the game you will face many difficult players and you will need good strategy and strong fighter to win the battle, so you can just use puzzle fighter hack and get all of the characters for free beside many other benefits like giving the maximum amount of coins and jewels and gems, also you will be able to get all of the external purchases for free and with no external cost.

Also puzzle fighter hack removes the annoying ads and make you play the game for free without them, and it’s completely free and won’t affect your device performance through time.

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