This is a strategy game, it was created and published by “Gekko Game”, the game was released on 13 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to bring the glory back to your empire, and to defeat the different players to be able to start the expansion of your empire, always using the Rage of Kings cheats will provide you with the different resources to be able to survive.

Meet Eva Your Advisor To Understand The Game More!

Greetings, my lord. Iam Eva, your advisor, I will be your guide as you start building a great empire, congratulations, your citizens have found a vast new land shrouded by the fog, let me show you a bit about this land.

Excellent, you have erected your city on this land, this vast land is famous for its precious resrouces under the fog, explore to uncover the resources. Congratulations my lord you have discovered a new area on this vast land! You signify a new beginning, and your name has already begun to spread.

However our power is not yet great, we need a mighty city to back up our development, now let’s go and strengthen the city, and using the Rage of Kings cheats will provide you with the different weapons to become stronger and to defeat all the enemies you are going to face in your journey.

Explore Your City And Start The Expansion Of It!

My lord! From this day forward, this city is yours, your castle is your most important building and upgrading it is your most important task, now just tap on the upgrade button to upgrade the castle, my lord! Here comes a great news that we have obtained a wider FOV in the fog, it seems that upgrading castle will allow us to have a wider FOV! Also keep in mind that reading our Rage of Kings guide will help you gather and get more info about the game before you even start it.

Gather All Needed Food To Survive With Your Empire!

Food is an important resource for city development, build a farm to start producing more food, resources cannot only be produced by yourself, but also be gathered outside the city with your troops.

My lord, you have strengthened your city successfully amazing, your majesty! I believe that your wisdom can guide us to glory, lets battle together! And finally make sure to read our Rage of Kings tips to understand how to control your empire and how you are going to construct the different buildings to start the expansion of your city.

The Barracks And The Castle Are The Most Important Buildings!

Now start building the barracks, to start training the different men  to join your army, and the barracks can produce different men with different skills such as the Militia, Spearman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Long Swordsman, Heavy Pikeman, Berserker and Halberdier, try to train all of these troops to start the expansion of your empire, and to defend your castle from the different possible attacks from the different enemies and real players around the world, also keep in mind that you can always form the perfect alliances from all players all over the world, you can team up with them, raid together and collect the different resources for each other to survive and to dominate the game,

Survive The World By Getting The Rage of Kings Hack!

If you cannot survive this world, if you cannot get all the resources you need to survive and live, if you cannot defeat the different players that playing the game and also you cannot defend your castle from the dangerous upcoming attacks, so using the Rage of Kings hack will provide you with all these resources to become unbeatable.


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