Enjoy the hack and slash Role Playing Game. Combined with some new amazing features which are taking the challenge into a whole new level. Upgrade your job class and increase your character powers to climb the ladder of immortality. To cut the nonsense talk, this is just a simplified version of the famous Ragnarok game. Of course there will be many common features but still there is the simplicity that will make the game playable on this small screen.

It is advised to play the game with both hands, and for better experience, use headset for the optimal hearing. Getting the Ragnarok Spear of Odin cheats would simply make the game more like a living dream.  And do not forget to have an active internet connection to connect to the gaming servers.

Ragnarok Spear of Odin was created and published by the famous gaming company “GRAVITY Co., Ltd” and they have made it available for almost every device out there. The graphics quality is simply adjustable, which is offering you a free flexibility to enjoy it at different types. Make sure that your device is running either Android or IOS operating system to be able to enjoy it.


Once you get everything set to go, the time will come to create your own first character so be caution at this stage of the game and do not rush things out. learn more about the available characters by reading our Ragnarok Spear of Odin guide carefully.

First class we got here is the Knight, a member of the Prontera Guard who is committed to the peace of his kingdom. Coming with two types of skills.

Passive Skill: Feinting Attack as it attacks the enemies where it hurts the most. Basic attacks create a chance of stunning enemies. SP Recovery, regains mana from earth its SP recovery increases while its SP is 50% or less. Also there is the Protection Field. It is an enhanced magic power protects its body. Also its defense will increase in proportion to its max SP.

Active Skill. Grand cross will enable you to quickly cross your sword twice, attacking enemies.

Second class is the Mage who studies the balance of the world tree Yggdrasil. The passive skill of the mage is the free cast, harnesses the power of environmental mana. Decreases all skill cool down by a certain amount.

And on the other hand the active skill set summoning fire is the main one. It will allow you to summon a big orb of flames onto enemies. Also Fire bolt skill that will shoot a fireball at enemies in front. Fire pillar, instantly summons fire pillars, attacking surrounding enemies. Crimson rock as well is there; it will instantly send surrounding enemies flying. And consider reading the following Ragnarok Spear of Odin tips to be able to adapt with the upcoming challenges.



Choosing Between Three Different Classes.

Each class will come with two options of weapons to choose from. The weapon will decide the type of skills that will become available. For example, the Magician: you can either go with a staff or a wand. The staff skills were covered on the previously. The second weapon is the wand. And there you can see the frost nova, which will enable you to swing your magic wand downward, stunning enemies in front. Storm gist, causes a cold whirlwind, inflicting DoT damage on surrounding enemies. Earth Spike: enables you to quickly retreat and summon an ice pillar. Ice Ball: Shoots a series of ice arrows at enemies in front, and with Ragnarok Spear of Odin cheats, you will be having no problem to see these skills reaching their maximum potential.

Follow Our Detailed Tutorial Carefully.

No matter how long about the classes in this game, we will never cover it all. And that is something we are actually enjoying so much here. the variety and the idea of picking the right class that could fit your needs and style of play shall take much more important time. And that is exactly what the game is delivering to you. Do not relay too much on Ragnarok Spear of Odin cheats, it may not help you to increase your skill level. Yes, it may offer you the freedom to purchase the strongest gears available but that is not everything.

The game is offering you the daily login option and its peak will be at the day 28. Try to login every day to increase your reward, if you ever got to skip a single day, then the counter will automatically be rested right to the beginning. On the upcoming segment, we shall be taking you through a very detailed tutorial journey, it is represented to you by this pretty girl Kafra. Let’s get you warmed up before you set out on your journey. Also consider the Ragnarok Spear of Odin hack as part of your preparation to the upcoming challenge.



Elegant UI.

The Icons and the graphics design inside is looking very neat, there are no complications or major problems to speak about, and that is the major playing factor in here. When it comes to the movement and attacking system, there will be nothing special or surprising over there. Keep in mind to get Ragnarok Spear of Odin cheats before getting deeper into the game.

You will find a movement pad appearing on your preference at the bottom left corner of the screen, and on the other side you can see the attacking functions available there. Get the Ragnarok Spear of Odin hack to increase your output damage by a huge margin.

Choose between two types of attacks to perform at the enemies, either using the special skills which will consume mana points and will also move into the cool down state once they are activated. Which means you will never be able to use them once more unless the cool down is done and when we move to the other hand, you can use a normal attack that costs nothing. But that will come on the cost of a lower damage. And no Ragnarok Spear of Odin hack can fix the normal attack damage to be honest, it needs a miracle.

Final Conclusion.

We have enjoyed the time that we have spent playing this game. there are tons of interesting features that we are enjoying so much and most of all the chatting system is unique and very smooth. Having the ability to reach out your friends and other players from all over the world within the game is very cool thing.

Also the difficulty system of each dungeon and how they have managed to put this rating system up to let the new players to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Adding the fair rewarding for completing certain missions. But the rewards shall not become your main concern as long as you are using Ragnarok Spear of Odin hack service.

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