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RAID Shadow Legends was created and published by “Plarium Global Ltd” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Gather your arms to fight the dark shadow and save the humanity from its annihilation destiny. The dark shadow has risen from the dead and is willing to eliminate the humanity.

Collect hundreds of warriors and use the RAID Shadow Legends cheats to get shards for the ultimate champion summoning rituals.

Get Started

The cinematic videos at the starting scenes are outstanding, we have enjoyed every little moment of it. It will also teach you a lot about the gameplay story.

Before we jump to the details of the gameplay, it is recommended to keep the RAID Shadow Legends cheats on the steady mode.

The dialogues are boring; we did not enjoy it that much. In addition, a quick reminder: the game is turn based, so if you are not a fan or you do not enjoy such type of games, then we would strongly suggest you to skip on this one.

Reading the RAID Shadow Legends review should put you on the right track of success. Scroll down to learn more…



Tons Of Unique Skills Are Available

Each hero will come with a set of special skills; you may use them according to the situation. Remember that each activated skill will move into the cool down state, so you will not be able to use it again for a certain period.

Choose your first champion that will lead you through the different stages and represent your powers. The champions are coming with the stars rating, the one star is the lowest rating.

On the next segment, we will cover the four available heroes in depth, but right now, you should prepare the RAID Shadow Legends cheats to upgrade and improve your champion.

Prepare Your Champion!

There will be more champions becoming available, but now you will be picking only one from the four options.

  • Elhain: a female archer, she is very talented on the ranged attacks and healing the teammates, but not the strong when it comes to the defense state.
    1. Keen Shot is the first skill; it will attack one enemy by placing an extra hit if the attack is critical.
    2. Lighting Arrow attacks one enemy, then all enemies’ places a 30% buff on this champion for 3 turns of the target is killed.
  • Kael: he is dark elf. A mage whom is talented mainly in using the nature to his side and deal massive damage to the group of enemies.
  • Galek: a powerful orc whom is ready to eliminate any threat. The orc is very solid to tank the incoming attacks and hit back right onto them with even much stronger hit.

Let’s not forget the RAID Shadow Legends cheats role in upgrading and taking those champions into a whole new level.

  • Athel: the sacred order warrior. Some people around the Kingdome are calling her the perfumed knight. Solid attacking skills mixed with the right damage and acrobatic moves. The knight that will keep you safe no matter what!

Summon New Champions With RAID Shadow Legends Cheats!

The main story is running around an awaken beast. The dragon has risen from the ashes and about to take down the entire empire.

Start your journey at Bastion. From there you will summon and train champions to fight the dark one and his shadow. You have chosen your first champion, but one champion is not an army. Use a mystery shard to summon another champion at the portal.

  • You may get those mysterious shards from the RAID Shadow Legends cheats. It will cost you nothing, as it is a free service. You can also get those shards from the in game store.

Remember that mystery shard will allow you to summon common, uncommon, and rare champions. The name will change and the cost of the shard depending on the champion powers.

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