Protect Sartosa at any cost and prepare to gather all the necessary powers to hold up a very solid defending line and use the Raiders Quest cheats to see nothing but success in your journey.

Raiders Quest was created and published by “Alkemis Games” company and they have made it available for the users to download it through the Android and IOS stores.

Cool graphics, the effects are right on the point. You do not need a high-end device and we do believe the Raiders Quest hack will provide you with tons of resources free!

Get Started!

Make sure that your internet connection is active and stable as much as possible to be able to download the latest game files and folders needed to start the game and it will also require the connection to enable most of the features.

Centuries ago, a terrible sickness called the Void ravaged land of Satosa, turning its people into vicious, soulless monsters…as terror gripped hard; the realm’s very existence was threatened. Then, a party of bold adventurers learned that the plague was the work of a foul sorcerer, intent on bringing darkness to the realm. They tracked him to his lair deep in the world’s end mountains and after a terrible fight, they finally triumphed over the evil.


However, the heroes’ victory was far from complete. For in their moment of triumph, the sorcerer’s soul exploded into a thousand shards.  They scattered throughout the land, coming to rest in the shadows. Waiting until the time was right for the sorcerer to claim his vengeance.  The surviving heroes formed the guild of raiders to protect Sartosa from ever being engulfed in the darkness again.

This is the main purpose of the Raiders Questguide; it was created to help you to keep the city you love living in a peaceful harmony.

The Return of the Void!

After centuries of peace the void has managed to find his way back and returned with a huge army and ready to unleash wraith and anger over everything.

The guild needs new heroes. Are you brave enough to answer the call? That is what we are going to learn on the next parts. However,let us not forget the importance of Raiders Quest cheats and how it will be affecting the gameplay as a whole.



Four Heroes Available.

There are several heroes to choose from and each one is coming with his own unique pros and cons, so picking a hero to start the journey with is considereda sort of a trouble.

Following the set of Raiders Quest tips we are providing to you should be helping you to be fully aware of the hero’s types.

Tyran the Pyro battler: very high attack and toughness levels are on its highest but the supporting levels are pretty much low. He is an orphan born to a life of struggle. Tyran has overcome adversity and proved himself a bold, noble and talented warrior. Skilled with blade and his youth.

Preview Option Is Available.

Bonney the Young Gun: raised to a framing life, boney lost her family in the cattle crow wars and found herself fighting from a young age on what would turn out to be the losing side. She is the strongest hero in the terms of attack but the lowest as well on the supporting side.

There is an option to preview the heroes before picking them up; this will enable you to have a quick and small test over them.

Final Words.

Lucy the lithium flower: despite her gentle appearance, Lucy is a powerful fighter, both loyal and protective. Following the death of her parents, she raised six brothers. She has very balanced powers; she is not unique in any term but strong in all of them.

The Raiders Quest hack will help you to purchase the items you desire without having to worry about the cost of them. It is pretty much simple and smart if you ask me and will cost you nothing in return.

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