aBy looking at the main icon of the game, the feeling of this game being simple and stupid will drive towards your brain and will start to settle down there. Yes, it is a matching of colors but that is not the big deal in the gameplay. You have to match the right colors together while the asteroids hurtle towards you.

Climb the leading board ladder with the Rainbow Rocket cheats help and do not worry about anything in the future.

Rainbow Rocket was created and published by “Dobsoft Studios” and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

An android 4.0.3 is needed to run the game, and it will run the game smoothly no matter which device you are using. The quality of the game graphics part of the game is very low as it is mainly consisting of pictures and pixelated items. So your only problem is running out of funds, and it will be fixed with the Rainbow Rocket hack.

Sign in For Leaderboards!

Enabling the leaderboards and a track of the achievements system can only happen by selecting the google play games account. You have to find the right login account to get the ability to enjoy all of these features along.

It will also enable the world rank system; it is updated frequently to show you the top players at the current moment. By reading the Rainbow Rocket guide, we do believe that you will find your way easily to the top.

Very Neat UI.

One of the major pros of the game is the neat and smart UI. It is very colorful and cheerful which will brighten up your day right away. We have also noticed the ability to enable or disable the game sounds, and the option to enable the notifications according to your dedication to the game.

If you ever felt that you are connected with the game and would love to play it frequently from now on, then enabling the notifications would be the right thing to do without a hesitation.

You can dodge several problems from now on by following our Rainbow Rocket tips carefully and paying attention to the details.



Melt Down Any Problem Instantly!

Since you have reached this stage of the preview, then your real target is to remove the ads and receive higher coins or maybe even increase the incoming rate of coins in general.

The Rainbow Rocket cheats was known in the past few weeks by its ability to provide the players with any number of coins they request. Simply click on the link up here and witness the magic happens. On the next parts, we will mention some other ways to get these two things done.

Unlock New Rockets As You Advance Forward.

Do not ever feel with sadness due to the low powered rocket that you will be receiving at the start. This rocket will change according to your playing powers and abilities. Try to be always fit and smart to know exactly how to interact with the different stages of the game.

Earning higher coins for completing the given missions will simply open the door to have a new set of rockets with an improved abilities and powers. This should be the main goal for any player at this game.

How to Play?

Tap on the rockets at the bottom side of the screen according to their matching colors above them. The tutorial will be simple so do not fool yourself, as the upcoming challenges will be hard.

Learn the art of mixing colors together because the hints will not be always there for you on the advanced parts and you are stricter to the given period. Increase your winning chances with the Rainbow Rocket hack.

Drag different rocket colors together to create a brand new colored rocket to eliminate the colored balloon.

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