A very dark and interesting ARPG, enjoy the high quality graphics in every aspect inside the game, while it is being combined along the perfect storyline, use and read our Raziel Dungeon Arena hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to learn more about the game and also increase your chances of becoming stronger.

Raziel Dungeon Arena was created and published by “CactusGamesCompany” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely almost on Any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Intro.

At our review, we have been trying to deliver the exact gameplay storyline for you, but that didn’t go as planned since we couldn’t find an English version of the game. So since you are reading this article we are pretty sure that you will be playing the game in English language. You should be expecting to find the main necessary information related to the classes, pros and cons of each class as well.

Choose between using your Facebook account to login to the game or simply use the visitor login feature, these two are one of the most interesting features, the visitor login part will help you to keep your privacy safe and no one shall ever get closer to it. On the other hand, the Facebook will allow you to access your friends and enable the leaderboard function between you and your friends globally adding the idea of keeping your data saves stored cloudy away from any threat. Let’s move next to the character creation process.



Pros and Cons of the Available Classes.

There are three different zones to play in, Aswan, Griffith, and Suogelun. Start at the default zone Raziel by giving your character a decent name that is small as possible yet would be recognized and remember easily by most of the people.

Let’s begin with the Beast Tyrant. He is a powerful rhino warrior with thick skin which increases his defensive options. As a warrior, Rhino is usually at the front of the battle with a tree trunk, dealing massive damage but the attack speed is actually very low, but it would be impossible to interrupt his attacks, so once he decides to destroy something, it will be instantly demolished.

General Information.

Remember that the items sold by merchant maiden will be refreshed periodically, so make sure you visit the store often to get sweet deals! And if you are worried about the cost of these items, then it is recommended to complete our review as we are planning to reveal one of the highest rated secrets about the main source of gold in this game.

Do not forget to pay attention to the special item set bonuses, they are amazing when paired with the right heroes. This is such an improvement that you could easily benefit form.

The Archer and The Mage.

Second class we would be talking about is the Soul Ranger called Vilsack, he is an elf, but became a spirit and lost all of his memories after he died. As a ranger that attacks with arrows, positing with Vilsack is very important, his attacks generate Vigor, which decreases when he is not attacking.

The main cons about this class is the low defense and close combats, always keep your distance from your foes and become smart enough to outplay your opponent at the battlefield, this is a very interesting fact.

Last but not least thing we will be talking about here is the Ice Priestess class. Her name is Alina, she is the leader of the city of being and the archbishop of the church. As a mage she employs ice magic to control and attack enemies form a distance. Skills cost mana, which regenerates over a period of time. This is the favorite class by everyone in the game.

Now to make sure that every build is strong enough to compete at a top tier level, use our Raziel Dungeon Arena hack, cheats, tips and guide service as it will cover all your gears upgrading costs and unlock several features.



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