A brand new game from the creators of the famous “2Guys x Zoo’s” but this time you will be playing as lone survivor, as you have to provide the right plan to keep yourself from the flying enemies everywhere, enjoy the simple control but yet it requires from you to have a certain skill level, and do not forget to use our REDMO hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to upgrade your character to its maximum potential.

REDMO was created and published by “Zzoo” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Introduction.

Let’s begin our review by walking through the different features of the game and we will be moving into the gameplay later on through the different segments, let’s begin here with the ability to enjoy the challenge through the leaderboards system.

The leaderboards system is connected to each mission which means that it is a very singular mode that will be calculating your performance and score and put it in comparison with the other players from all over the world, and if you have connected the game so far with one of your social media accounts, then the challenge shall be taking another path, which is competing with your friends to show them who has got the highest skill in REDMO.

And if you have enjoyed the game so far, then do not hesitate to give it a decent rating as it will result in an expanding in the game community and help the developers to be motivated and apply newer upgrades and changes to the game frequently.

And also you can like their Facebook page to keep yourself updated with the game changes frequently which will put you in a situation that you can meet new players from this huge community and share your thoughts about the game together, right now we have covered the most basic information about the game and it is the time to move directly into the gameplay experience itself.

Follow The Tutorial Carefully.

At first, you will have to go through the guide stage, as you will be able to learn the most basics of the game including how to actually play it, and how to hold the device properly whilst playing it, there will be many more information that you would love to see.



Jump right into The Action with A Single Tap.

Touch the screen at any part of the main menu in order to begin the challenge, and right there you will be introduced to the tutorial.

Swipe around with your finger to direct this snake as you have to hit the red colored stones, actually you must follow this technique carefully in order to turn the white ones into red colored stones and that is when the challenge begins, because your snake will never be able to eat any other sort of stones but the red ones.

Upgrade and Increase the Length of Your Character.

You need to draw a certain shape around the white stone without even touching it, because any interaction with it will simply result in you losing the game completely and having to start right from the beginning of the stage.

If you believe that you could have scored higher points in some stages, then feel free to change the starting point from the main menu using the two arrows sliders.

You can always pay a visit to the upgrading section as you will be taking full control over your arrow or snake, name it whatever you want, this will increase your snake length which will simply result in better technique to turn the stones into red color whilst drawing around them.

Also do not forget to get the REDMO hack, cheats, tips and guide with this pack as it will be allowing you to have the freedom of applying any sort of upgrade to the snake, and if you ask me that is a very interesting part of the game.



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