Resort Hotel Bay Story was created and published via “WhaleApp LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

If your dream was to manage your own hotel and take care of all its details. Then your dream has come true. You will be playing as Alice and moving into another city to live in your uncle has ruined hotel. And the journey to bring it back to life will start from your first move…get the Resort Hotel Bay Story cheats to help you with the puzzle challenges…

Quick Start

The game begins with a call between a daughter and her mother. She is explaining to her how happy she is as she has been accepted into the university. However, Alice is wondering…why he agreed to have her and let her stay a summer cottage in his hotel kingdom while studying….

Alice will catch up the bus and meanwhile she is going to play her favorite game on the way…and that is not her only favorite game…you are supposed to follow the same path as well and play the game with her. Find more Resort Hotel Bay Story tips down below regarding the gameplay.

Key Features

To help with the hotel, you need to complete levels and get story keys. Alternatively, you can still get them story keys from Resort Hotel Bay Story cheats…but we do prefer at the current point to follow the regular path.

Here are the main key features of the gameplay

  • The mission will be shown on the left
  • You are given certain number of moves
  • Be quick and sufficient as possible
  • Knowing that you are only given certain number of tries
  • If you are stuck and do not know where to go. The Resort Hotel Bay Story cheats shall play the hero role.

Those were the main key features of the gameplay. However, of course, there are several other feature we are going to cover up.



How to Play?

To complete the given level, you need to collect as many as the quest says. In addition, we have illustrated previously on how to track your progression bar during the gameplay.

In addition, you are supposed to do that by swiping the items and forcing a shape of three same type of items in a row. The count towards the target.

The gameplay idea is not stopping here…you are also given the opportunity to do some smart matching shapes. However, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind before doing any movement attempt as you are having a very limited time.

The Resort Hotel Bay Story hack might increase your movements on the gameplay.

Tons of Amazing Rewards Waiting For You Ahead

Receive great rewards at the end of each mission. The rewards will be mainly consisting of gold coins and certain items, extra movements, and experience points to advance into the second mission.

The gameplay is following a very smart way. As you are completing missions and at the same time the storyline is not stopping at any point. It will keep you motivated and hooked up easily…the Resort Hotel Bay Story hack will amplify this part as well.

To keep you on the picture, you need to know that your uncle Craig has a hotel, the business started to go downhill…, and you are going to help him with getting the business back into its prime.

Final Conclusion

No one has taken care of this hotel in a long time. In addition, ELSA barely has the time for the housework…now that is when the game begins.

  • Everything happening in the game is related somehow to the matching game
  • Completing more puzzles and doing wonders in the matching challenges will result in a better hotel
  • Learn more about the powers and the abilities of the Resort Hotel Bay Story hack to complete faster the given tasks

Those were the main points of the gameplay and the storyline as a whole…so you better get prepared and follow our instructions.

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