Your chance has arrived right now at your hands to become the dream chief you have always dreamt to become, start your own kitchen and learn new recipes to improve the kitchen and start even purchasing new ovens and many other kitchen parts.

This game was created by “Storm8 Studios” company, and it is available to be downloaded for free on the IOS or Android devices that you got, and make sure you are getting the Restaurant Story Founders cheats as well so you could be getting the required Gems to start upgrading and improving the kitchen to make it the best in the entire world.

The Game Summary.

This is an online game and requires an internet access, so make sure that you are having an active and strong internet connection to be able to enjoy it to its limits!

Welcome to the restaurant story game, and now you can see actually the so let’s follow the game tutorial step by step to be able to have fully Vision over the game so far, and actually there are many opportunities you need to keep in mind while learning the game, make sure you are also reading the Restaurant Story Founders guide that we will be providing to our dear readers, and now let’s start with the first mission of the game which is you are required to start your first mission so far.

But at first let’s give you a quick brief over the game at the starting scene, you will be seeing two ovens ready and prepared to be used in order to serve the customers which keeps incoming to you over and over again, and remember that you can be simply getting way too many Gems for free with a simple click over the link above, and now start using the Restaurant Story Founders Cheats, it is actually available for everyone to start using them without any restrictions or advantages.

And now as you getting into the game details you need to know the recipes and understand which are the most profitable items in the game so far, Restaurant Story Founders tips are located deep in every line in this article to help our readers to have better view over the game so far.

Check Your Wall for The Feedback from Visitors So You Could Improve Your Kitchen.

As we have been talking about the game you can start checking on your latest upgrades and how far you have gotten into the game, just head right into the messages tap and go to profile, in this tab you can see the abilities you have got over your profile, which is changing the avatar look and start customizing it, you can have the freedom of choosing either a male or female character, but the outfit of the chief that you have there will get changed, and the most important part which is the adding a name to your chief and this is how you going to be recognized among the other players all over the globe, and now you can start enjoying the game and share your thoughts in the game under your name. and also when you use the Restaurant Story Founders cheats, the Gems will be sent to your account.

Unlock New Achievements and Earn Badges as You Progress into The Game Get Help Soul Knight Hack.

And that is taking us to the next part we got here is the badges, and that is actually your pride at the game and how good you are achieving and performing, make sure you are vesting this page frequently so you can also claim your rewards and receive rewards for every achievement you unlocking, and the better you are the game the more badges will be unlocked so far, keep scrolling through the page to know what is your purpose of the game and what you are going to get next after completing certain milestone. Use the Restaurant Story Founders Hack so you would be enjoying the Gems you getting from it and start getting yourself all the highest techs added to the kitchen of yours.

The Settings You Can Simply Edit and Take Advantage of to Your Side.

And now let’s take a quick look over the settings menu, to let you know what you actually going to have the power over at the game, you can enable the sound effects or the game music, and also  you can let the game actually send you tips to help you out through different stages of the game, and another thing which is the comments feature, and this feature we consider it to be a very important one, since you can actually start reading the comments to help you to know your weakness and issues in your kitchens, because the feedback is one of the most important thing in the life that lets everyone know their problems and try to work out on them until they are fixed and totally function able, and do not forget ever the Restaurant Story Founders hack, which is totally very decent and smart idea to have enough Gems.

Communicate with Your Friends Through the Game.

Start communicating with your friends through messaging and ask them to help you by sending you gifts and that is actually a very good addition to your game, also once you enter the messaging center, you can get to see the wall of yours, it is the place that all your friends can actually start leaving you feedbacks and write compliments about your kitchen in order that they could help you to improve and advance much better, but no worries at all since you can receive huge numbers of Gems so your kitchen would become very strong since you are going to be a user of the Restaurant Story Founders Hack.

The second section we got here is the news feed, it has all the latest upgrades and updates about the kitchen that happens during playing the game or even without being online so far, we find this a very useful feature of the game, and actually it should be added to every single game out there.



Send Invitations to Your Account So You Could Start Enjoying the Game Together.

Get ready to enter the challenge with players from all over the world, and start adding them to your friends list so you could have the enjoyment of playing with them and sharing all your details and even your kitchen, you need to know the two best methods on inviting your friends, the first one we got here is by sending them an email to their email list, and other method in case you do not want to share the email or any personal information of yours, start using the other method which is texting, sending texts to your friends to their mobiles, so once they get your message they can simply get into the game location at play store and start downloading it.

But to have the best advantage over your friends remember that you can be using the Restaurant Story Founders cheats and start enjoying the freedom of having big amounts of Gems to add them to your stock and start spending them freely to upgrade and improve your kitchen which would come in handy as you will have the opportunity to have the ability to serve as many customers as possible into your kitchen so far.


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