Revue Starlight was created and published “Ateam Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

A turn-based RPG game will bring to you a brand new experience in all aspects of the game. The nicely crafted animations and the storyline behind every character in the game that shows you the motive behind their aggression.

The game is lacking few features, and we are expecting them to be added in the next updates, but for now, you can start enjoying the Revue Starlight Revue Starlight cheats.

Get Started

At the beginning of our Revue Starlight review, you should understand that we will be covering the main points of the gameplay and will dive deeper through the available features to get the best out of it as a player.

The game starts with an option to back up your data or access to the support team. The support team will always be there for you and they are ready to answer all your questions in case you have faced any trouble.

You must agree to the terms of services and privacy policy in order to proceed forward. In addition, we do not have to mention the importance of the internet connection to play the game.

There could be some small patches available to be downloaded at the first beginning of the game. it will be varying around 250mb but that would still require from you to have a strong Wi-Fi Connection to avoid any extra data consumption.

One more thing you have to be aware of, the game will not start if you have the usb debugging feature turned on. You must enter the developer settings on your android device and turn the feature off to get the game started.

This shall not interfere with the Revue Starlight Hack services, as it will work at any case and at any scenario.

Unlock New Characters With Revue Starlight Cheats!

There are several main characters and classes available in the game. And we are going to provide you with details for them and the Revue Starlight cheats should be enough to upgrade your characters and enhance their powers.

  • Karen Aijo

Set out on the road to becoming a stage girl after being captive by a performance of starlight, she saw as child. Always boisterous and cheerful, but hates early morning lessons. She joins the mysterious Revu with Hikari, who crossed fates with her when they were young girls.

  • Hikari Kagura

Karen’s childhood friend. A born performer who studied at an acting school in England. Her fate has been linked with Karen’s since viewing a performance of starlight. Reuniting with her old friend, she is driven by a strong desire to join the mysterious Revue.

  • Mahiru Tsyukzaki

Though She sings and dances her heart out on stage, this stage girl is normally withdrawn and contemplative. She admires her roommate Karen’s cheery and outgoing nature, but her feelings are put in a difficult place when Karen’s old friend Hikari shows up.

  • Junna Hoshimi

A top student who serves as class presentative. Has great deception making and analytical skills, but is prone to overthinking. After choosing to pursue acting against her parents’ wishes, she now frets over the gap in skill between herself and those with natural talent like Maya.

Quick Note: Remember to use the Revue Starlight cheats in order to see all those character reaching their maximum potential.



Storyline Foundation

Before you pick up your main character or start diving deeper throughout the game contents, then you should understand whom the standing girls at the first place are.

  • Standing Girls:

Attracted by the allure of the stage, they live to perform. Each performance gives them new life and, with their untampered passion, they aim to become stars.

Becoming a star will take a lot of effort from you, adding the Revue Starlight cheats to your journey but that is something interesting in general.

  • Maya Tendo

Practically born for the other world, with a renowned stage actor and a prima donna for parents. Blessed with a good physique and ac arraying voice, she refuses to rest on her laurels and always strives to reach greater heights. Many call her “Maya-sama”.

By reaching this point, we should have covered the main characters in the game, and we will move forward to the gameplay contents, by let’s not forget the importance of Revue Starlight cheats to our journey.

How To Play?

The act effect is the special skill for each girl. You can request each girl to perform a certain move until you run out of the act points. The AP panel is located in the upper left corner and you will be starting with 6 points.

Once you are done with the Act skill selection, you can press on the start button to see them performing your instructions.

Your opponent will have a health bar located on the right top corner. Once it reaches the rock bottom, the mission will end and this means you are good to go, but still you are going to need the Revue Starlight Hack later on here.

  • One of the great features in the game is the elements factor. Each character is forged from a certain element and some elements are having advantages over others.
  • Your goal is to read more about the elements in order to know exactly which girls are ready to perform an attack on the opponent to deal the maximum damage possible.

Last thing we will mention regarding this part is that you should know there is an option to automatically attack and increase the speed of the battle.

The game is a turn based one, so some people might find it boring to watch all the animations. Therefore, the having the right powers from Revue Starlight Hack and increasing the attacking speed, means you will be progressing at a steady pace towards a very successful ending.



Smart Combat System

Make sure you are picking name for your character that has 16 letters or fewer. The name can be changed later and it should be easily recognized among the other players.

The Revue Starlight Hack shall leave you on the top of the leading boards that is why the name will be playing a critical part in the future.

  • There will be many dialogues appearing on the starting scenes, and there will be always some data being downloaded between the different scenes.

We do not think the game was on its latest state as there were many glitches appearing. But the Revue Starlight Hack was working just fine.

Once the battle or the challenge begins, you can name it whatever you want but we prefer to call it dance battle. The stage girls list will appear and you must give each girl the right instructions to perform on the field.

The better girls you have the higher and better moves they will be performing. Getting new girls to your team could be done with Revue Starlight Hack help.



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